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GTA 5 Ships 32.5 Million


Rockstar Games’ parent company Take-Two Interactive announced today that since it launched in September the company has shipped 32.5 million…

9 Minutes of Dark Souls 2 Gameplay, Starring Peter Serafinowicz


British actor person and comedian (bringing both his dramatic and comedy skills to the table as the voice of Darth…

Microsoft Will Give You $100 for Your PS3


And now, ladies and gentlemen, the next stage of the console war between old rivals Microsoft and Sony is in…

Origin Update Allows Overlayed Features, GIF Game Tiles


EA’s Origin client received a decently large update today, number 9.4, which added one key feature and some very interesting…

Codemasters Takes Over Humble Weekly Sale

Dirt 3 4K

Codemasters‘ titles are no strangers to steep discounts, and in taking on a Humble Weekly Sale that started today some…

Nintendo to Make Phone App, Possibly Games As Well


Nintendo has an internal development team tasked with building a Nintendo app for smartphones and other mobile devices, President Satoru…

Robotoki Adds Video Division, Aims to Build Community


Studio Head Robert Bowling explains Robotoki’s new Entertainment division, which will create original content outside the scope of its game, Human Element. Says It Doesn’t Clone Others’ Games, Removes Accused Title

Candy Crush Saga Banner 2 592x

There’s been nothing but drama surrounding Candy Crush Saga dev this week, first with stories of its ambitious trademark…

Sony Online Shuttering Four Games, Adding All-In-One Sub


Sony Online Entertainment announced today that it will be dropping four of of its MMOs in the next six months,…

Game Front Gauntlet – James and Mitch Fight in Nighogg


It’s time for a new Game Front Gauntlet on this Friday afternoon, and for your viewing pleasure we have James…

Interpreting the Catalyst: A Mass Effect Analysis, Part 3

mass effect 3 stargazer thumb

In the last part of his Mass Effect ending interpretation, Phil Owen looks toward scenarios that could take us into the future of the Mass Effect universe.

Interpreting the Catalyst: A Mass Effect Analysis, Part 2

mass effect 3 ending choice 2 thumb

In the second of this three-part analysis series, Phil Owen extrapolates the ultimate plan of Mass Effect 3′s Catalyst based on evidence from throughout the series.

Interpreting the Catalyst: A Mass Effect Analysis, Part 1

femshep close up thumb

In Part 1 of his look at the complete Mass Effect series, Phil Owen lays out the evidence of the Reapers’ history and the origin of the “harvest” cycle.

Valve Overhauling Steam Controller Design

steam controller v2

The Steam Controller as it has existed thus far is an odd-as-hell thing to look at, and when I examined…

World of Warcraft Gets Free, Limited Server Transfers


If you are getting stuck in login queues when trying to hop into your World of Warcraft server, then Blizzard…

Steam Greenlight Will Not Last Forever, Gabe Says

steam greenlight thumb

Despite Steam Dev Days not being open to press, we get all the details anyway thanks to folks livetweeting so…

Gone Home, But With Guns


The jokers over at Dorkly have put together a nice little video advertising a new DLC (fictional) for indie sensation…

Steam Up To 75 Million Users


Last week at CES, somebody asked Gabe Newell about Steam Machines competing with the new consoles, which had historically spectacular…

New RBI Baseball Hitting All the Platforms This Spring


The defunct RBI Baseball franchise, notable for being the first baseball game with an MLBPA license, allowing it to use…

Still No Halo Movie in the Works, Microsoft Promises


Talk of a movie based on the Halo games has been going on for about a decade now, with Peter…

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