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PS4 Release Date: Nov 15 In North America, Nov 29 In Europe


We now have a release date for Playstation 4. Sony announced during this morning’s Gamescom 2013 press conference that the…

Gamescom 2013: Sony Press Conference Streaming Live


Much like E3, Gamescom officially kicks off after it actually kicks off, as the major publishers pile on with press…

Game Front Gauntlet – Worms: Clan Wars Edition


Who likes worms? Who likes to see worms fighting? If you fall into these categories, you’ll want to set aside…

GTA V Online: 16 Players, And GTA V Is Only The Beginning


Rockstar appears to be sticking a toe in the MMO world. At least, that’s what the new GTA Online trailer…

Watch The GTA Online Reveal Video Right Here


After weeks (and weeks and weeks) of teasing, today marks the first substantial news about GTA Online. Long story short:…

CD Projekt Nabs Tywin Lannister For Witcher 3


CD Projekt Red revealed that Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is getting seriously classed-up with the announcement that actor Charles Dance,…

Xbox One To Launch In Only 13 Markets November 13


Xbox One will be delayed in most regions, Microsoft confirmed this morning in an announcement on the official Xbox site….

Saints Row 4 Review: Perverts Of The World, Unite And Take Over


Watch James Heaney live-stream Saints Row 4 today 10AM – 12PM PST on Game Front’s Twitch channel! My first impression…

New GTA V Info: Medical Pot, Online Shopping, Crazy Politics, etc.

gta v 1 thumb

With just over a month to go before the game launches and the entire world shuts down, Rockstar has decided…

MS: We ‘Revised Our Approach,’ XB1 Works Without Kinect


In what is beginning to resemble a bi-weekly ritual, Microsoft has once again bowed to the demands of its customers…

‘The Brigmore Witches’ Hands-On Preview: Yep, You Still Feel Bad


Good news, everyone. Dishonored’s The Brigmore Witches, the upcoming Dishonored DLC that concludes the story of the assassin Daud, hasn’t…

BioWare On DAI: ‘We Want to Get Back in Touch With our Fans’


“We look to a future… where the player has more agency.” Those words, spoken by one BioWare developer working on…

Rise of the Triad Review: Prepare To Swear At Your PC

rise of the triad 4 thumb

Invoking the harder, faster FPS of the 1990s, Rise of the Triad does perfectly what it sets out to, but it’s not a game for everyone.

Game Front Is Going To QuakeCon (Again)


Next week in lovely Dallas, Texas, the world’s largest LAN party/amazing PC case mods showcase returns with another installment of…

Activision to Split from Vivendi in $8 Billion Deal (UPDATED)

cod ghosts thumb

UPDATE (7/26/2013 7:00 AM PDT): USA Today reports that shares of Activision surged this morning in pre-market trading to $17.98,…

Microsoft’s (Reluctant) Changes to Xbox One Could Save It


By now, you’ve heard that Microsoft has relented on the absurd prohibition against Indie developers who lack a major publisher….

Xbox One Will Let Indie Devs Self-Publish


Microsoft has finally backed down on one of its new console’s most baffling problems with the welcome news that Xbox…

EA Loses Madden Royalties Lawsuit, Ordered To Pay $11 Mil


Electronic Arts must pay Robin Antonick millions in lost royalties from the Madden series, a California jury found today. Antonick,…

EA’s Digital Sales Soar, Origin Has 50 Mil Users (Not Really)


Electronic Arts has made its Q1 Fiscal Year 2014 results public, and the results are clear: it is fully committed…

Attorney: ‘We Will Expose All Violations’ of Carter’s Rights


Justin Carter still faces significant hurdles on the road to resolving his perplexing criminal case, but now out of jail…

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