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BREAKING: Justin Carter Makes Bail (UPDATED)


Jailed League of Legends player Justin Carter is now out on bail, Game Front has confirmed with the Comal County,…

GTA 5: First Gameplay Trailer Right Here, with Analysis


Watch now!

Giant Bomb Founder Ryan Davis, Known For His Kindness, Dies At 34

Ryan Davisthumb

Video game journalism has lost one of its most passionate and beloved voices, as it was announced today that Giant…

Friday Flame War: The Kickstarter Ponzie Scheme


It seems like a long time for something to sink in, but this week the Internet as a whole got…

Saints Row 4 Preview: So Far, So Good, So Maybe


It’s shaping up to be teribawesome.

Steve Ballmer on Don Mattrick’s Departure, Xbox One Strategy


Once again, we find Microsoft dominating the news cycle with the announcement this afternoon that Don Mattrick has left his…

Don Mattrick Leaves Microsoft to Become Zynga CEO


The Xbox One always-online champion is headed to a company built on always-on, and Microsoft loses much of its E3 baggage.

Hotline Miami 2 Preview: The Same, But Better


Will Dennaton capture lightning in a bottle a second time with Hotline Miami 2? Ross Lincoln thinks maybe so.

No, Xbox One’s DRM Reversal Didn’t Doom the Industry


Critics of Microsoft’s change of heart are missing the bigger picture. Here’s why.

Tom Clancy’s The Division: New Direction/Same Direction


For more E3 news, previews and commentary bookmark Game Front’s official E3 hub. Update 06/21/13: This article was based on…

Breaking: Microsoft Caves, Xbox One DRM Removed


Congratulations gamers, you won.

Watch_Dogs: Game Front’s E3 2013 Best Of Show


Our choice for E3′s best shows tremendous promise, and looks gorgeous.

Watch The Sony E3 Press Conference Right Here

playstation 4 controller thumb

Join Game Front and find out if Sony actually realizes they can easily win the 8th generation by not being Microsoft.

Microsoft Press Conference: Xbox One Will Cost $499

xbox one logo thumb

A cloud of confusion and frustration loomed over Microsoft this morning as the company kicked off E3 officially with their…

Saints Row IV Preview: Parody Or Exaggeration?


It’s as ridiculous as you expected.

Murdered: Soul Suspect Preview: Ghost + L.A. Noire = Awesome?


We’re in a weird moment in gaming. It appears the console makers want to catch up to PC services when…

Xbox One Will Strictly Limit Sharing, Trading


Defying expectations that the company would simply avoid the discussion until after Sony did a little console confirming of its…

Xbox One Won’t Kill Used Games, But Will Let Publishers Do So


Say goodbye to Gamestop.

Kiefer Sutherland to Play Snake in Metal Gear Solid 5

metal gear rising thumb

24 Fans Rejoice.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Written By Oscar-Winner Stephen Gaghan


The Syriana director is an incredibly enthusiastic gamer.

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