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Awesome Mods for The Witcher


Looking forward to The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings in March? Check out these mods that’ll change up the original.

Magicka Review


This parody of an action-adventure game is the best excuse for keyboard macros in a game EVER!

Warden Class Noob Help Guide for Lord of the Rings Online Posted


Need a little help? Turbine has starter guides for most LOTRO classes now.

Congressman Proposes Health Warning Label for Video Games


Potential law would save gamers from the health risk of gaming: like increased aggression toward politicians who label games unhealthy.

US Secret Service Uses Gaming Tech for Training in “Tiny Town”


The Department of Homeland Security sure knows how to build great video game platforms.

Blizzard Seeks Post-Cataclysm Community Feedback


“Ask CDev” returns and introduces new forum post rating system.

MLB 11:The Show Designed with Disabled Gamers In Mind


One-Button mode included to make game more accessible

Bioware Shares More Dragon Age 2 Backstory Info


New details revealed about Dwarves, Elves and Qunari in the upcoming game.

Bethesda Releases Dead Money DLC Music Track


But not the DLC itself on PC or PS3… yet.

Dead Space 2 Review


Welcome back to Isaac Clark and his Necromorph foes. Dead Space 2 offers the best support for Post-Life Abortion ever!

FIFA 12 AI Getting Big Tweaks, says EA’s David Rutter


AI controlled team players will now respond to tactical choices.

Portal 2 Allows PC & PS3 Modders to Share

portal 2 thumb

Thanks to Steamworks mods can port to either platform.

Atari Kicks Off Star Trek Online Anniversary Sale


Lifetime subs are discounted for the next few weeks for STO and Champions.

Aion 2.1 Part 2 Patch Hits US & EU Wednesday


New pet and crafting changes lead list of changes.

More Fallout: New Vegas Coming to Xbox 360


New “Exclusive” content hopefully just a timed exclusive.

Magic the Gathering: Tactics Launches


New Trailer shows off Sony Online’s strategy game set in Magic the Gathering’s universe.

Sony Online Claims DC Universe MMO is its “Fastest Selling Game Ever”


Sony Online Entertainments’ superhero game flys off retail shelves.

Lord of the Rings Online Teases Strange Occurrences Near Oatbarton


Bungo Grubb finds an unwanted stone in a new game event.

Omek Demonstrates New Motion Tracking Tech


System recognizes multi-player gestures and allows developers to adapt them for gameplay.

NCSoft Unveils Korean Aion 2.5 Update


Big changes hinted for NA & EU servers including GUI and Pet system boosts.

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