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Microsoft’s Kinect Review


Is it really groundbreaking or just a wallet-breaking add on to Microsoft’s system?

BigPoint CEO Doubts SW: The Old Republic “will be profitable. Ever.”


Heiko Hubertz, CEO of casual/browser game developer BigPoint argues the viability of traditional subscription models.

Icewind Dale II – Last of the Infinity Engine Games Now on


The final top down Infinity Engine game is now available for purchase on the Classic Game site.

Rock Band 3 Squier Guitar Available March 1


Full size, electric guitar controller with real strings coming soon for Rock Band 3 Pros.

City of Heroes: Going Rogue Review – Part 1


In the first part of our Going Rogue review we look at the new player experience in City of Heroes and talk about the look and feel of the latest update to the long running super-hero MMORPG from NCSoft

Lord of the Rings Online European Free-to-Play Launch Announced


Europe gets to join the LOTRO free-to-play party at last.

SplitFish FragFx Shark Review


Hybrid wireless game controller/mouse offers interesting options for PC and PS3 alike.

City of Heroes Issue 19: Alpha Strike Detailed


Upcoming update for the original superhero MMORPG includes the return of old foes and a focus on high level content.

Perfect World Entertainment Announces Legend of Martial Arts Beta


MMORPG based on Chinese TV show goes into public testing soon. Continues D&D Releases with Neverwinter Nights Diamond


The Almost complete version of Bioware’s last D&D game is now available on the classic game website.

Forsaken World Kicks Off Closed Beta with Advent Trailer


New video footage shows off Perfect World’s Upcoming MMORPG

LevelUp Gear Launches New Ottoman and DS Storage Products


New ways to stash all your plastic instruments and DS games in couture furniture?

Blizzcon 2010: Blizzard’s Uber Fans Caught on Video


It’s great to have such dedicated fans.. no really, click through to find out just how dedicated in these video clips.

Champions Online Going Free to Play in 2011


Cryptic’s follow up super-hero title moves from subscription to a micro-transaction based game.

3D Mark 11 Trailers Shows Off The Future of Graphics


The video testing tool from Futuremark gets a new version and a flashy video to go with.

Lord of the Rings Online’s Producer Talks Future Update Changes


Kate Paiz published her latest letter to the LOTRO community detailing some new approaches for the gamees future content additions.

How to Clean Your PS3


The PS3 is a wonderful shiny black console that sucks in dirt and debris like a vacuum. Learn how to keep it looking and running new and shiny.

Dungeons & Dragons Online Skips Through Time with Update 7 – Half-Bloods


Upcoming content for Free to Play MMORPG features new half-blood races, time hopping and an invasion of monsters aimed at low to mid-level players.

Square-Enix Extends Final Fantasy XIV Free Trial Time


Company admits that the game is not making people or critics happy and extends sign up free period for those who want to torture themselves longer.

How to Clean an Xbox 360


A clean console is a happy console, use this walkthrough to freshen up your 360 and remove dirt that can cause failures.

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