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Reach Out and Touch Your Foes in Vindictus’ Grappling Video


Watch as character in Nexon’s Vindictus demonstrates how to hug and smash your enemies MMO Style

Darksiders Finally Brings Armageddon to the PC


Vigil Game’s Post Apocalyptic Zelda game has finally made it’s debut on the PC.

AMD and iBUYPOWER Team Up on Limited Edition Gaming System


Sleek looking custom art adorns the configurable gaming system built on Phenom II processors.

SteelSeries Announces Shift Gaming Keyboard


Keyboard features interchangable keysets, usb 2.0 hub, macro recording and gamer optimizations.

Official Final Fantasy XIV PC Controller Released Next Week


Sunflex’s Final Fantasy branded PC gamepad available in Europe On September 30th. Update: Changed Service Returns Post Beta


A wonky attempt to garner attention for a website redesign gets our attention but fails to deliver real news.

EVE Online Adds More Co-op With Incursion Expansion


Latest free expansion features software and hardware optimization and more social networking options as well.

Able Planet NC300 Noise-canceling Headset Review

NC300B_web (2)

Able Planet’s over-the-ear headset is built for general audio but does it perform as a gamer’s headset at well?

Global Agenda Offers APB Players 30% Discount


Fans of the now cancelled Realtime Worlds game APB can switch to Global Agenda with incentives.

Is Gone?


DRM-Free website disappears mid-day Sunday with no announcements. Possible Hack or just a Publicity Stunt to announce the relaunch?

MSI Expands Gaming Notebook Line with GX660 and GX660R Models


New Models include USB 3.0, ATI Radeon HD5870 GPUs and 15.6″ HD LCD screens.

The Worst Kept Secret in Gaming – PSP2 is Real?


Yet another rumor siting from a developer that PSP2 is not only real, but that it’s cool as well.

All Points Bulletin Cancelled – Game Shutting Down


Gangster vs. Cop MMO nears it’s final arrests.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Returns as Kinect Exclusive


From humongous custom controller to controller-less Kinect game in one sequel..

Steam Offers AMD Driver Update Service


ATI video card owners now get automatic driver updates through Steam

Original Dead Rising gets DLC Frank West Epilogue


Those who pondered the fate of Dead Rising’s hero, Frank West can soon play through Dead Rising: Case West and find out.

Tecmo Announces Ninja Gaiden 3 at Private Event


Team Ninja returns to key franchise, fresh off development of Metroid Other M for Nintendo.

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures now Live


Sony’s online game portal based on the Cartoon Network TV show is now open for all players.

Cryptic’s Jack Emmert Reveals More Neverwinter Details


During an interview Emmert clarified some of the details about the upcoming online “not-MMO” game.

Sony Celebrates PlayStation’s 15th Birthday with PSN Discounts


The venerable console celebrates 15 years of still making Sony some money with downloads on PlayStation Network for PS3/PSP owners.

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