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Level Up Storage Solution Towers Above Others


New storage solution gathers all your console accessories, games and acoutraments together.

Microsoft Confirms Xbox 360 250GB and Kinect Bundle

You can buy the new camera for a reduced price along with a 360 Slim.

ORIGIN Announces Big O PC/Xbox 360 Hybrid System


Uber Powerful system with impressive specs and an integrated Xbox 360 ready for custom orders.

Dolby Axon Voice Chat Review


Dolby’s new gamer-centric voice chat changes the way you hear your teammates. But is it really evolutionary or just a marginal improvement?

PAX 2010: Dolby Axon Voice Chat Chosen for EA’s Need for Speed World


New in-game voice tech enhances racing MMO with surround sound positional audio.

PAX 2010: New Portal 2 Screens Show Off Co-op Play


Friendly cooperation makes the sequel stand apart.

Bioware Streaming PAX Booth Live on Ustream

dragon age 2

Watch as people there have fun milling about in a crowd near lots of marketing posters!

Lord of the Rings Subscribers Get Free to Play Headstart


Former and current players get a jump on the new free to play changes.

Mega Man Universe Gameplay Video


Latest Mega man looks somewhat familiar and includes “Bad Box Art Mega Man”

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Impressions


A few hours spent wandering “A long time ago” playing games.

Mad Catz Announces Call of Duty Brand TRITTON Headsets


ProHeadsets wear black skin but still sound as awesome with 5.1 Surround.

Lord of the Rings Online Free to Play Changes Captured


New screens show off high level areas of the Free to Play MMO

Details on Dungeons & Dragons Online Update 7 Released


Expanded race options and Direct X 11 are only two of the features in this huge update.

Buy an eVGA GeForce 400 Card, Get Mafia II Free


eVGA makes some pretty awesome video cards, so it’s not a hard  choice if you’re in the market for the…

Mad Catz Details Expanded Rock Band Controller Options


Now that Mad Catz has assumed production of the official Rock Band gear, a lot of questions remained abouthow the…

SOE’s Matt Higby Talks Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures


The upcoming online social universe based on Star Wars The Clone Wars merges social networking with casual gaming.

Nintendo Drops DSi and DSi XL Prices September 12


Both DSi model prices drop about $20.

iControlPad Turns iPhone/iPod Touch into Handheld Game System


Not satisfied with the touch controls on your iPhone device? Well, what if you could place it in a shell…

AMD Kills ATI Brand, Radeon Lives On


Chipmaker AMD bought out graphics company ATI over four years ago but until today you could be forgiven for thinking they had a loose association. (Aside from sharing a website)

Guild Wars 2 Necromancer Class Detailed


These masters of the undead return with some new tricks in Guild Wars 2

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