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Witch Hunt Ends Dragon Age: Origins Story


Fans of Bioware’s Dragon Age get answers about Morrigan’s fate.

Turbine Shows Off Dungeons and Dragons Online Update 6 – The Last Stand


The Sea Devils arise in th elatest free-to-play expansion.

Splitfish Dual SFX Evolution PS3/PC Controller Review

splitfish SFX-Evo-2

A unique PS3/PC controller that takes a little getting used to.

TechARP’s Solid State Drive Performance Guide Updated


Updated guide shows best performance SSD’s for your system.

Neverwinter MMO Officially Announced


Atari’s classic RPG becomes a Cryptic Studios MMO in Q3 2011

Eclipse Wireless Litetouch Keyboard Review


MadCatz’s wireless LCD keyboard passes our tests.

Lord of the Rings Online Developer Talks “Ride of the Grey Company” Quests


The upcoming Volume III: Chapter 2 is a soloable road trip.

Modder Upgrades Laptop Graphics Card Externally


Connecting a 2GB ATI 5850 to his system for a massive gaming upgrade.

How To Record HD PS3 Gameplay


Looking for more Playstation 3 tips and tricks like this? Check out every easter egg, cheat and guide on Game…

iBUYPOWER Launches Redesigned Paladin XLC Systems


Upgraded liquid cooling based systems include support for multiple fans and triple SLI/Crossfire setups.

Drive Wirelessly with MadCatz Wireless 360 Steering Wheel


Accessory maker delivers a new wireless racing wheel for 360 racing fans.

Blizzard Reveals World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Limited Collector’s Edition


Lots of bonus “stuff” fills this $80 retail expansion pack

Lord of the Rings Online Goes Free To Play In September


The date of the conversion from traditional subscription to free-to-play revealed!

How To Record HD Xbox 360 Gameplay


Capture your 360 gaming memories in all their glory for posterity!

PS3 Update Surfaces Again with 160GB Hard Drive


120GB model replaced by 160GB model at $300.

MadCatz Announces New Cyborg Gaming Mouse and G.L.I.D.E. Surface at Gamescon


Two new performance gaming products shipping later this year.

Kotaku Gets Hands On Time with Rock Band 3 Keyboard


Concerns about keyboard peripheral arise.

BFG Tech Ignores “Lifetime” Warranty Terms


Fading hardware maker is not addressing warranty claims for some products.

15 vs 17 – Which is the Better Gaming Laptop Size?


Comparing 2 MSI Gaming Laptops — the GX640 & GX740

How to use your Nintendo Wii Remote as a PC Mouse


Waggle your Wiimote to point and click in Windows!

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