Avalanche: “We Don’t Need 40 First-Person Shooters”

Avalanche creative director Stefan Ljungqvist believes we will see fewer big-budget games release, and that this will be good for the industry.

Speaking with Gamasutra, Ljungqvist explained how today’s lower barriers for making and releasing games means “triple-A” studios like Avalanche — developers of the Just Cause series — can better supplement their high-budget, infrequently-released big franchise installments with smaller, more experimental games. He said:

“I don’t think big-budget games are going away. There’s going to be less of them. But that’s a good thing, because maybe we don’t need forty first-person shooters. I don’t want to play them all [laughs], but maybe we need one, two or three.

“What I like now is that there are more opportunities to be creative. Maybe over the course of the past five years, developers have pitched creative or more artistic games, but publishers had been more careful of betting a lot on those games, because they’re associated with some risk. But maybe now they can [take more risks] because they need to be more unique in the marketplace.”

I think we can all agree with the sentiment that no one wants more and more generic FPS games.

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4 Comments on Avalanche: “We Don’t Need 40 First-Person Shooters”


On April 4, 2013 at 12:00 pm

Sorry buts that’s all we going to get. Companies are not motivated to take risk on creating something original. I have seen what every FPS game has to offer and its the same formula for all of them. You point and shoot and if your a sniper its an automatic death on the target. Nothing new and it will always be generic. Its a genre i believe should die out in order for REAL games to flourish. WE NEED more JRPG’s(Ni no kuni), Strategy games(Warcraft 3), Puzzle games(Tetris), Tactics games(FF,Battle Ogre 64) and so on.

There is but one game that I played that takes First Person and expands in which all types of gamers can play it, and its SKYRIM. Skyrim gave the player the OPTION to play in 3rd person as well as First Person. It also gave us a character customization option in which we the player can choose to create OUR character from race or gender and not the GENERIC ones that companies shove down our throats to play as. This is the formula companies have to set if they want gamers like myself to purchase there games.

As for myself all I play is MMO’s because its the only medium that I can create my digital self and with Saints Row 4 arriving in few months I really can’t wait to play that game as well. I’m grateful for the Saints Row franchise because these guys evolved the open world genre and never gives us the same GENERIC games like the Grand Theft Auto Series, Superhero games, and Just Cause has done. Out of all the games I have seen like 95% of them are just copy and paste jobs using the same wire frames with a different coat of paint. That’s all.


On April 4, 2013 at 3:29 pm

Japanese RPGs blow. There is a reason why all the RPGs you hear of now a days are from Western Developers. The Japanese are too stubborn for change and each year their sales drop more and more. Strategy games are always going to be a niche market so those will never grow past what they are doing now. Puzzle games have moved to mobile and tactics games are only half-way sucessful on handhelds.


On April 4, 2013 at 5:12 pm

Yeah, I’m going to have to agree that JRPGs are overrated.


On April 4, 2013 at 5:49 pm

Here, here. Can’t stomach JRPG’s personally. Give me Baldur’s Gate, Ice Wind Dale, the first Dragon Age Origins. I’ll take a good RPG over a FPS any day. I do enjoy a good strategy game as well. My favorite is Supreme Commander FA. I don’t consider Warcraft3 a strategy game.