Awesome Gaming T-Shirts You Can Buy (and a Few You Can’t)

I have something of an unhealthy obsession with t-shirts, and as the Internet is a bountiful land of creative and expensive wardrobe options, I now find myself with drawers full of shirts with clever sayings or cool images. Way more than I’ll ever wear.

But that’s because there are a whole lot of awesome t-shirts out there, especially those concerning gaming. Not just shirts that show off what a nerd you are, but shirts that cleverly combine concepts and wind up with some very cool designs. I’ve bought more than my fair share, and I figured I’d bring a few of these to the attention of the masses. So here are 10 awesome gaming-related t-shirts to lighten up your wallet a bit.

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone

The iconic moment that transformed many a awkwardly shaped Hyrulian boy in green into the hero that would have to do the same job over and over again into eternity, encapsulated in a t-shirt. Understated, 8-bit and invoking an instance that changed the life of many a gamer, you can show of Zelda pride in this tee, but only the initiated will really understand.

Seems to be cheapest at NachoMama tees ($16.19.)

Also in an awesome Star Wars-themed version from Red Bubble ($23.52)

Isaac Clark Rorschack

An interesting bit of marketing from Dead Space 2 what the Rorschach theme, which recurred in several trailers and images. It also makes for a foreboding white t-shirt, presenting an ink blot in the form of the tortured Isaac Clark’s engineering suit helmet. Added bonus — it glows in the dark with the creepy icons and symbols that cover Dead Space’s Marker.

Snag it from the Visceral Store for $20.

The Mass Effect 2 N7

After the release of Mass Effect, everyone on the development team over at BioWare got a spiffy gray shirt modeled after Commander Shepard’s N7 armor. It had the N7 logo on the breast pocket and the red stripe over the shoulder, but it wasn’t the highest-quality print. Still, the coolness of the shirt and the popularity of the game caused BioWare to make the shirt available to fans; when it came to Mass Effect 2, they were ready with this much cooler design, on a darker shirt and spanning the whole chest.

A bit expensive at $24 over at the Bioware Store.

Creatures of Skyrim

If you were lucky enough to check out Bethesda’s booth at E3 2011, you might have walked away with one of these babies, showing off the scale of a few choice Skyrim denizens as compared to a couple of player characters and the player him or herself.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure you can purchase this one, although it might be available in the Bethesda store, which is down as of this writing.

Hang in There, Drake

Among the coolest moments ever in gaming is the opening of Uncharted 2. I don’t think that’s in dispute. Perhaps not quite equally cool, but pretty close, is this t-shirt that calls back that moment in all its glory, yet remains tasteful and understated and doesn’t depict Drake bleeding all over Nepalese mountains. Cool even without the reference, but cooler still among Uncharted fans.

You can get this one at ThinkGeek for around $17.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game: The T-Shirt

Back when Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game was released, there was a fan event in Los Angeles to promote it, modeled after a Scott Pilgrim-themed college party (not unlike the one in the movie). Attendees got to drink a bunch of beer and walk out with some goodies, including a poster from the movie of the same name and this shirt (or one just like it), featuring characters from the game. You may recognize Big Bad G-Man, otherwise known as Gideon Graves, from mine right here.

Sadly, even a scouring of eBay turned up none of these super-rare tees. You can have mine for $2,000, though.

Three More Days

Figured it’d be good to throw another Zelda offering onto this list, although if there’s one game that has inspired a whole lot of cool t-shirts, it’s the Zelda series — like this honorable mention. This creepy Majora’s Mask shirt might be a little too intense for general wear to places like restaurants, coffee shops and your local bank, but good to keep in your repertoire for your next Comic-Con excursion, where it will place high in the on-going unspoken “who’s wearing the best t-shirt” contest.

SharkRobot sells this one for $17.95.

Game Over, Man!

There isn’t technically an exact game tied to this shirt (though there have been a few Alien, Aliens and Aliens vs. Predator titles over the years), but it is a damn fine use of the 8-bit medium. This tee appeared on the daily shirt site, which was when I snagged it. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that’s available anyplace else — Google certainly didn’t help in that regard. If you happen to find a place to buy it, post it in the comments. If not, be happy that at least one of us got one.

Still being shown off over at riptapparel, although you can’t buy it.

This is Not a Pipe

I’m not much of an art history guy, but this is one of those pop-culture mash-up shirts that can make you look, sound and feel pretty smart. Riffing on The Treachery of Images, whoever designed this t-shirt probably has a pretty big brain seated atop their neck. By extension, you look like you do, too, when you wear this one.

Available from Threadless for $20.

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