Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Walkthrough

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  • A big enhancement you’ll notice right away is the character generator. You have a LOT of choices, and they’ll affect gameplay, but there’s no way to cover all those details, so this walkthrough will cover the nuts and bolts, missions, and so forth, to help you get from A to B. Choose your person and let’s get rolling!
  • If you need to review your basic hack and slash mechanics, talk to the dude in the green robe for some basic instructions. He’s a tutor, and there are some more floating around town, including at the inn, to get you warmed up. Just past the tutor is a girl in blue, Phylidia who will ask you to keep an eye out for a book of hers. Actually, the main purpose of Candlekeep at the moment is to train you and give you some fetch quests to build some XP before you head out into the world. If you’re a completionist, be aware that you can’t come back here any time soon, so do everything you want to do now.
  • Enter the inn. Take a moment to check out the controls on the left side of the screen if you didn’t do any tutorials, and get the hang of the quick buttons for the various menus. You’ll need ‘em. The guy by the fire Firebead will ask you to go find an identity scroll for him. Finish looking around first.
  • Take a moment to speak to the Innkeeper, who will sell you things, etc. You don’t have much budget at the moment. Behind him is a room with a locked cabinet, and next to that is a room with a bookshelf you can loot, and some nobles you can converse with.
  • Head upstairs if you’re looking to sneak and loot, otherwise head on outside. Head into the castle grounds to collect the identity scroll, and get a hurry up message from a monk. Go return the scroll and you’ll earn a blessing for your trouble. Bring identity scrolls back to this chap when you need to. Then we’re off to find your foster father, Glorion.
  • Head through the castle grounds to the front stairs, where he waits. Along the way you may have a conversation with a girl named Imoen. Talking with Glorion will trigger the true beginning of your adventure, and your quest. After Glorion leads you away from the keep, you’ll jump ahead in the story and then on your own, unless you let Imoen come with you. Let the adventure begin!

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3 Comments on Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Walkthrough


On November 29, 2012 at 11:11 pm

Okay so since no one posted anything about the game here’s a little easy money hint. If you’ve played the old game in the past you should be aware of the copy items trick in multiplayer. Well one great item to do and sell for lots of cash is Rasaad’s shoes(the only item he’s got). Sell one and you get a crazy amount of money, so imagine selling a stock load. I got 200,000 gold in a matter of minutes. Very good sell item that you get pretty early.



On December 8, 2012 at 12:39 pm

ok since this is for the pc why use the item dupe cheat when you can use the LUA console and give your character whatever you want

Origin Systems

On December 8, 2012 at 1:51 pm

Every step should be followed by “weep bitter tears at how far BioWare has fallen.”