Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Walkthrough

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  • Welcome to a town in trouble. Will a bounty hunter try to attack you in this inn? Of course one will. Sell your crap, rest up, restock, etc, then go talk to the Mayor. He will tell you about the trouble in the mines nearby, and ask you to go investigate.
  • The mines are to the southeast of the town, and talk to the foreman and then the guards to be given permission to enter the mines. Talk to the miners for details and flavor text.
  • Descend into the minds. You’re needed on the fourth level, but there will be encounters along the way. Be aware of traps on the third level and activate a thief or rogue to disarm them.
  • Level four is home to a nasty cleric, who is, of course, the source of most of the Nashkel troubles. He’ll need to be put down. Loot a holy symbol from his body after he’s toast. In the cleric’s room you’ll find a chest with letters from his boss, indicating a bigger conspiracy. Of course.
  • Head on back to Nashkel to collect your reward from the Mayor.

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3 Comments on Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Walkthrough


On November 29, 2012 at 11:11 pm

Okay so since no one posted anything about the game here’s a little easy money hint. If you’ve played the old game in the past you should be aware of the copy items trick in multiplayer. Well one great item to do and sell for lots of cash is Rasaad’s shoes(the only item he’s got). Sell one and you get a crazy amount of money, so imagine selling a stock load. I got 200,000 gold in a matter of minutes. Very good sell item that you get pretty early.



On December 8, 2012 at 12:39 pm

ok since this is for the pc why use the item dupe cheat when you can use the LUA console and give your character whatever you want

Origin Systems

On December 8, 2012 at 1:51 pm

Every step should be followed by “weep bitter tears at how far BioWare has fallen.”