Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Walkthrough

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The Big Bad

  • Talk to the townsfolk to find out what the heck has been happening in your absence. Find a source by the Sundries store to give you the skinny. Will you have to break into the Iron Throne citadel to find out more? What do you think. Tamoko is also by the Sundries store, when you’re done, go to meet her in front of the Flaming Fist compound.
  • First thing’s first, take out the Fist compound, eliminating the mercs. The Duke’s healer is on the second floor, and he’s not what he seems. One he’s taken out, grab the Duke and take him to the harbormaster.
  • Then enter the Iron Throne Citadel. Find the big bad’s lover on the fifth floor to retrieve some letters and the man’s own evil diary.
  • Now you need to enter the sewers below town and find the entrance to the Undercellar. Two assassins will be waiting for you. Dust them off to find a letter from your target and an invitation that will take you to him.
  • Go to the Duke’s palace and talk to Bill out front, using what you just found to get in. There will be a fat fight with a lot of doppelgangers once the jig is up. Show your intel to the folks left at the end to reveal the plot.
  • Sarevok will, of course, puss out and run away after you stand up to him, so don’t worry about this fight dragging on too long. But be sure to stock up after.
  • You will then be transported to the Guild of the thieves. The maze downstairs is not hard to navigate, but keep an eye out for lots of traps. At the end of the maze you’ll find the psycho who mentored Sarevok! He’s not in good shape.
  • Outside the maze, you will be attacked by a group of mercenaries. Their leader has heavy duty arrows, so prepare protection, and aim for him first.
  • In front of the temple, Tamoko will approach you again. Just so you’re aware, you don’t have to kill her. But you can if you want to. Create a new save game.
  • The temple is the site of your final throwdown. Sarevok and his followers are waiting for you. There are lots of traps in this area, especially around the center of the room. His horde makes this fight a difficult one. It’s easy to get an edge by casting area of effect spells before you even see his followers, thinning them out. Keep good control of your party to make sure that in their panic/attacks/retreats they aren’t setting off traps and taking damage. The fight is definitely a challenge, and if you’re not quite up for it, restore your save, and go find some other stuff to do, collect better weapons, beef your stats with some side quests, etc. There’s no one easy fast way to take Sarevok down, so keep your fingers on those hotkeys, and figure out your best party combo for fighting someone with magic in a busy environment.
  • Also, kickapow, you’ve beaten the big bad in Baldur’s Gate!

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3 Comments on Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Walkthrough


On November 29, 2012 at 11:11 pm

Okay so since no one posted anything about the game here’s a little easy money hint. If you’ve played the old game in the past you should be aware of the copy items trick in multiplayer. Well one great item to do and sell for lots of cash is Rasaad’s shoes(the only item he’s got). Sell one and you get a crazy amount of money, so imagine selling a stock load. I got 200,000 gold in a matter of minutes. Very good sell item that you get pretty early.



On December 8, 2012 at 12:39 pm

ok since this is for the pc why use the item dupe cheat when you can use the LUA console and give your character whatever you want

Origin Systems

On December 8, 2012 at 1:51 pm

Every step should be followed by “weep bitter tears at how far BioWare has fallen.”