Banned WoW Player Bribes Blizzard Admins With $1000

Strange listings are far from uncommon on Craigslist, but here’s one that stands apart from the crowd. A World of Warcraft player in Irvine, California, has offered $1000 to any Account Admin at Blizzard who will reactivate his recently banned account.

I got my WoW account banned yesterday during the archaeology bot ban wave. I wasn’t a gold farmer or seller, never bought gold. I just botted archaeology because it’s a boring profession. I’m looking for a WoW Account Admin [...] to unban my account for $1000 USD. No questions asked – your anonymity will be preserved.

Oh, breaching Blizzard’s End User License Agreement is fine if you’re doing it because you find an aspect of the game boring? I must have missed that clause. Leveling to 85 is boring; I’ll just get a bot to do that for me.

This is a serious offer. I live locally and can meet you in person wherever you like with cash, PayPal you money as a gift (non-refundable and non-disputable by me), leave an envelope under a tree, or pay you in any other manner you prefer. You will definitely get your money if I get my account back. You will have my full information – name, address, everything. Email me and I will give you my phone number and we can talk.

There’s no better way to prove you were banned for illegitimate reasons than to follow it up with insidiously underhanded bribery.

What’s most astounding about this story is not that he’s willing to pay for his account back, but that he’s willing to pay $1000–roughly the equivalent of seven years of WoW playtime. Either this guy is bad at math, or he has an unhealthy emotional attachment to a virtual character.

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5 Comments on Banned WoW Player Bribes Blizzard Admins With $1000


On March 22, 2011 at 9:49 am

$1,000. figure leveling time, and gear time, say he makes $20 an hour, if he has $1,000 just laying around $20 an hour doesn’t seem like an unreasonable pay rate to me.

leveling and gearing is not fun, so we’ll call that work. he can spend 50 hours worth of pay, or he can spend another 150 hours working on gear and levels.

150 hours lost is $3,000 he could have made.

so in fact if you got the money, $1,000 for his character is a hell of a deal, time is money afterall.

doesn’t change the fact he broke the rules, i’m just pointing out your flawed logic that people who spend large amounts of money on a game have unhealthy attachments to their characters.

CJ Miozzi

On March 22, 2011 at 10:18 am

@matt I hear ya man, but couldn’t he just buy a fully-decked 85 account at a cheaper price?

And equating the 150 lost hours to money he could have made is tricky… People don’t play WoW at the expense of earning money (I hope). They play WoW during their spare time. It’s not as though he would be earning money during the time he would normally be playing WoW.

Leveling and gearing may not be fun, but it’s not work. A better analogy would be calling it a chore. You don’t get paid for mowing your lawn, cleaning your house, or washing your dishes, but you can pay people to do it for you. The difference here is that mowing, cleaning, and washing are necessities to maintaining a certain quality of life; having a fully-decked 85 character is not.


On March 22, 2011 at 11:00 am

Do like the gold farmers do. Alt accounts and blow about 7 years worth of WoW game time on being a fat lazy basement dweller some more.


On March 22, 2011 at 1:49 pm

Who knows? If the movie, “Avalon”, is any indication of what kind of a future we will have then you may actually get paid to play a game like this.


On June 5, 2011 at 12:48 pm

@CJ Moizzi
I am pretty sure, that most of the WoW generation, would by far! rather have a fully-decked 85 char, that having a clean house, and a mowed lawn.

What people who don’t play WoW, don’t understand is, how big a role it plays in you’r life.

Lets say you where very much into building model rockets and compete with the world, who had the best model rocket, or something. And you had spend the same amount of time building it, as this guy has played wow. And then suddenly because you used a automatic blow dryer, instead of waiting for the glue to get solid, you where banned from the competition. You’r wouldn’t just say, “oh well”. And spend alot of time building a new one. You would first of all try to get it back before you start on anything. I know it is a strange example, but it is exactly what is going on here.