Batman: Arkham City – Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • The Shipyard – Robin
  • Industrial District – Batman
  • The Shipyard – Batman
  • The Shipyard – Robin Redux
  • The Shipyard – Batman Redux
  • The Shipyard – Robin

    1. The DLC begins with Robin entering the Shipyard, investigating the disappearance of Batman. It’s time to get him back. You’ll arrive first in a small room of the Dry Dock, with Robin, and face off against three small-time goons.
    2. Robin, if you’re unfamilar, is mostly similar to the Dark Knight with a few exceptions – his gadgets. Get used to using them in combat, and give some of his new techniques a try. Attacking, countering, stunning and dodging are all the same – as are the Batarangs. He can lay down explosive gel in combat like Batman, too.
    3. So, let’s talk about the differences. Robin has a grappling hook, but instead of pulling thugs to him, he’ll zip kick over to them, delivering a powerful attack on a single opponent. It’s an easy way to quickly traverse an arena too, kicking down any thugs between Robin and his target.
    4. Robin’s other powerful new gadget is the Snap-Flash. These mini-grenades can be attached to enemies while sneaking, or in combat with [LT+B], then detonated by pressing the button combo a second time. It produces a stunning flash that will knock down any nearby enemies.
    5. His last special gadget is the bullet shield. This weapon isn’t as useful in close combat as others, but can be a life-saver when sneaking around. If you’re caught by an armed enemy, quickly whip out the bullet-shield. It can also be used in combat to safe yourself if a guard manages to grab a rifle – but there are probably better ways to take care of armed foes while brawling.
    6. Get a hang of the controls, and remember all of Robin’s gadgets – because you’ll need them. This DLC doesn’t go easy on you or Robin. Once the three thugs are down, leave the room through the door.
    7. Entering the Dry Dock, continue forward and zipline up to the vent. Crawl through, kick down the grating and hop back down into the room below – the door won’t work. You’ll be able to spy on the captured cops and Harley through the screens.
    8. In the room, Robin will talk with Oracle. Hit the big red button to open the passage, and take the stairs down, using the first door on the right to continue forward. The rest of the room is totally closed off. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to explore the area more thoroughly later.
    9. In Access Corridor A, you’ll meet up with three thugs. Take them out however you like, but if you hurry and sneak up before they finish their conversation, you can perform a Double Takedown. Leaving only one behind, he’ll go down after a few simple hits. If you want to ensure a smooth defeat, after the Double Takedown, stun the last guy and beat him down.
    10. With the three down, turn left and use explosive gel to blow down the weak wall. Run forward, then use the grappling hook to zip-kick across the gap. Now you have two options, you can blow up the wall with Explosive Gel, then zip-kick the goons on the other side – or you can use the vents to your left to sneak in.
    11. If you do sneak through the vents, you can Takedown one of the thugs through the vent. Take care of the rest, they won’t offer much resistance to Robin. Try to string your attacks together to build a combo, then use instant Takedowns to finish them off one by one.
    12. Grapple up to the vent above and left of the large closed doors, and crawl through to the Pump Room. Inside, you’ll face a new challenge. Just as you kick down the vent grating and enter the room, select your Bullet Shield.
    13. With the Bullet Shield, equip it to get through the auto-turret in your path. Move quickly though, the shield won’t last forever. Use it to inch forward and into the passage left of the turret.
    14. Ahead, use the shield to cross through the steam vent. Next, as you make a turn, you’ll spot a red laser sight from a sniper watching the hall. Don’t try to use the shield to get close to him, instead use the shield to go down the right hall protected by a turret. If you rush forward, you should make the cover on the left, but there is a small alcove on the right you can duck into halfway through the hall.
    15. Reaching the cover left of the turret, you can take Corner Cover. Use a shuriken to knock the sniper down, then rush forward and use a Ground Takedown to knock him out.
    16. Just left of the sniper is a set of double doors. Walk towards them, and they’ll automatically open for Robin. Open the small door to your right to enter the Warehouse.
    17. As you enter the Warehouse, you’ll spy a large gang of Harley’s thugs surrounding Batman’s utility belt. They’re armed with a wide variety of weapons, and will serve as the first real challenge in this DLC.
    18. Prepare yourself, the thugs have knives, bats, tasers, and explosive barrels round the arena. Let’s take a refresher course on these weapons. All weapons can be dropped when a thug is defeated, but they can also be picked up by an unarmed thugs, unless you use the Disarm Takedown to destroy the weapon.
    19. When dealing with tasers, there is no way to counter them, and you cannot attack them head-on. Dodge over a taser thug’s head and attack from behind, or double tap the dodge and immediately attack as you’re over their head to drop the thug on the ground and stun.
    20. Knife goons will attack in a sequence of three, and can be countered, but it’s trickier. You’ll need to hold the directional stick away from the thug, and hold counter avoid damage. Succeed with all three and you’ll counter the thug, stunning.
    21. Explosive barrels can be countered several ways. One, they can be directly countered. Hit the counter as the barrel is thrown and Robin will swing the barrel back at the thug. Otherwise, you can dodge out of the way, letting the goon stun his friends – or hit him with a batarang-shuriken to force the thug to drop his barrel.
    22. One tactic I prefer before the fight starts; sneak behind the group and plant one with a Stun-Flash mine, then set it off. You’ll instantly build a large combo and stun most of the group. Pick off the rest and clean up to complete the first section.

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