Batman: Arkham City – Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • The Shipyard – Robin
  • Industrial District – Batman
  • The Shipyard – Batman
  • The Shipyard – Robin Redux
  • The Shipyard – Batman Redux
  • Industrial District – Batman

    1. Switching to a flashback, you’ll take control of Batman again with his full compliment of special gadgets. The mission now is to save some captured GCPD officers being held by Harley’s gang. A Bat signal in the sky ahead indicates the position of your objective, get to it.
    2. The Industrial District is even more dangerous than you remembered. Snipers are positioned all over the roofs in strategic positions, and most of the thugs on the roofs are armed with rifles. Ignore most of the gang and go straight for your target, and keep moving. Use the grappling hook and Batman’s glide to quickly get into the Steel Mill.
    3. Keep moving and the snipers won’t be able to follow you. At the Steel Mill, find the smashed open hole left behind by Dr. Strange’s helicopters at the end of Arkham City. Enter, and use the doors to the left. You’ll hear a cop yelling for help. Rush forward and turn right to see Harley’s gang menacing the officer hanging by a hook.
    4. This time, you’ll be facing nine thugs, one of which is armored. The biggest danger here is the locked crate of rifles in the lowered arena area. Otherwise, the thugs are only armed with bats, and have access to a few explosive barrels.
    5. Hop down, sneak up on the group, and you can perform a Double Takedown. Your next priority is stopping the goons from opening the Rifle crate. You’ll hear an alarm go off as they try to break in. One attack will stop the process easily.
    6. The armored thugs can be tricky, just remember that normal attacks won’t hurt them. To defeat an Armored Thug, either use an Instant Takedown, or stun them once and attack them while stunned – hitting the attack button over and over to deliver a whithering beat down.
    7. When the thugs are defeated, you can rescue the cop by using the control panel below him. Talk to the officer when he’s down, and he’ll tell you what to do next.
    8. Jumping back into the Steel Mill office, you can listen to a news broadcast on the radio, and spot a curious baby’s bed, with a pregnancy test and the Ventriloquist’s doll painted up like the Joker. A sign of things to come?
    9. Leave the Steel Mill the way you entered and follow the waypoint to a small meeting of goons out in the front entrance to the Mill below. There are five of them, one with a Shield.
    10. Shield thugs cannot be countered, and they’ll turn to face you if you try to dodge over them. Attacking them will also break your combo. To defeat a shield thug, use a drop attack by double-tapping the run button to dodge, then tapping the button a third time with a Combo score of x5 or more.
    11. Otherwise shield thugs can be knocked out with an Instant Takedown. Instead of having to deal with him now, I suggest using a Glide Kick and Ground Takedown to finish him off at the start. Beat down the rest of the thugs, and Batman will open up a crime scene.
    12. Open Detective Mode and check out the area. Look at the ground near the red glowing GCPD radio, and examine one of the blood stains. Batman is now on the trail of the kidnapped cops.
    13. The blood trail will lead you all around the Steel Mill, but we’ll provide a shortcut. The blood leads you to an open TYGER security checkpoint gate on the wall. Bring up the map, you’ll see the shipyard poking just above the green boundary line. Right where the Shipyard building meets the green line, that’s where you’ll find the checkpoint. Run and duck to slide underneath the gate.
    14. Slide underneath to take the three goons by surprise. They’re all unarmed, but you’ll need to interrogate one of them. Be very careful with your attacks and Takedowns, don’t accidentally knock out the interrogation target.
    15. We suggest sliding in and knocking one guard down, then using a Ground Takedown to finish him off. Next, use a stun attack and beat down the other goon. Once they’re defeated, you can instantly interrogate with the press of a single button.
    16. The map will appear after the interrogation. You’ll need to track down all three goons with passwords, but their locations are marked on the map. Set custom waypoints to get to them easily.
    17. The nearest target is Interrogation target 2. Set your waypoint, and head off towards the roof north of the Steel Mill. It’s covered in armed thugs, so you’ll have to be sneaky.
    18. Four rifle thugs are on the roof, slowly circling around your interrogation target. Remember, save the interrogation for last. The easiest way to get to each thug is by hanging from the ledges, and waiting for the goons to pass by. Once one is down, you can easily clear the rest.
    19. Equip the Disruptor and use it on two of the thugs, but don’t reveal yourself. Once the thugs know their guns are jammed, they’ll pick up new guns. You can easily target the thugs with the Disruptor from the metal grating above the roof.
    20. With that interrogation finished, head to Interrogation target 1. This one is the easiest, you only need to beat up the group of thugs and interrogate the last man. Avoid using Instant Takedowns to avoid causing problems, and make use of stuns to easy pick your targets.
    21. The last code is found at Interrogation target 3. This one is different than the others, the Interrogation is armed with a rifle and alone. But, he’s being watched by three snipers. Follow each sniper’s laser to their vantage points and use Silent Takedowns. Once all three are gone, glide down to the target and Interrogate. Just stay out of the central area, where all the snipers are watching.
    22. Return to the Tyger gate in the wall, and equip the Cryptographic Sequencer. Use it on the red screen to hack it and open the door to Harley’s base, the Shipyard. Open the double doors ahead, and you’re inside.

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