Batman: Arkham City – Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • The Shipyard – Robin
  • Industrial District – Batman
  • The Shipyard – Batman
  • The Shipyard – Robin Redux
  • The Shipyard – Batman Redux
  • The Shipyard – Batman

    1. Entering the Pump Room, you’ll have more thugs to fight. There’s an Armored Thug, explosive barrels, knives, tasers, shields, and a rifle crate. That’s everything, and it won’t be easy. Focus on the weak thugs first, and knocking down anyone that tries to open the weapons crate.
    2. Use stuns often, and work to build your combos against the vulnerable unarmed thugs. When your combo is high enough, take down the Armored thug instantly to get him out of the picture quickly. You’ll want to switch targets, picking off the rest of the thugs one by one.
    3. The taser thugs are a huge annoyance, so are the shield thugs. Consider using disarms to deprive the rest of the goons with their weapons, and especially target the rifle thugs with attacks. Focus on picking them apart and you’ll manage this fight.
    4. Take the stairs down and enter the double doors to your left. The right door won’t work, so use explosive gel to knock down the weak wall ahead. Use the Line Launcher through the wall, and turn right as you reach the corridor.
    5. Use the door up the stairs to enter the Warehouse. Get yourself up those stairs, and use the vent on the same level as the broken steps up. Kick open the grating, and sneak into the room with the captured cop.
    6. Inside, you’ll have to deal with thugs armed with snipers and assault rifles. Start high and work your way down. Just as you get control back, jump and run to the sniper on the high right walkway. One guard will slowly patrol the top catwalks, so use Detective Mode to watch out.
    7. Take out the patrolling thug, and the snipers will be no problem. They’ll be too preoccupied looking down to notice Batman sneaking up behind them. If you are caught, one of the thugs will run up to check things out while the other will stick with the cop.
    8. If you’re caught, zip back up to the girders above the warehouse and plot your next move. If the snipers are still in play, it’s a good idea to lose them and wait for the room to calm down. Those snipers need to be looking down, not up.
    9. When everyone but the last goon is gone, knock him out and free the cop. That’ll complete Batman’s section, and you’ll switch back to Robin.

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    is that it?mitch your awsome I need help at the end of arkham city whe you play as catwomen im 10 by the way.