Batman: Arkham City – Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • The Shipyard – Robin
  • Industrial District – Batman
  • The Shipyard – Batman
  • The Shipyard – Robin Redux
  • The Shipyard – Batman Redux
  • The Shipyard – Robin Redux

    1. Back in Robin’s boots, check your map and enter the door on the left side of the warehouse. Use the Bullet Shield to protect Robin through the steam valve, where you’ll meet more goons. One has a shield, another a knife, and you’ll have to deal with explosive barrels.
    2. Use Shurikens to combust the barrels in the goons’ hands, save up a combo to Takedown the shield goon, and don’t forget to hold the counter button while pulling the directional stick backwards to counter.
    3. With the goons down, you’ll find Batman in the Joker Shrine. Bring up Detective Mode, and investigate the control panel left of the steps. You’ll learn that Harley Quinn has the keycard, accessed through the small door on the right side of the shrine room.
    4. Inside the Access Corridor, you can plant a Snap-Flash on the thugs, or just pull off a regular Silent Takedown and finish the other off. Just be quick or stealthy about it, they both have rifles.
    5. Use the gratings to get underneath the malfunctioning door, but don’t pop out just yet on the other side. A sniper is watching the corridor. Wait for the laser to look left, then pop out and hide behind the cart.
    6. If you stay low, the sniper won’t spot you. Sneak behind the Arkham City crate, then use the sandbags to cross the hallway to a vent on the opposite side. Sneak through the vent, and open the grate. Ahead, you’ll spot moving hooks on a line.
    7. Plant a Snap-Flash on a hook, then detonate as it stops behind the sniper. Exit the room, and Takedown the sniper before he wakes up.
    8. With the sniper gone, three new goons will run through the automatic doors. Two regular unarmed thugs, and an unarmed armored thug. Use the regular thugs to built your combo, Takedown the armored goon, and finish off the rest.
    9. Use the newly opened doors to follow the path out into the docks. This is the trickiest sneaking section in the DLC, as you’ll need to defeat Harley Quinn. She can’t be defeated with a single Silent Takedown, as she has a red health bar at the top of the screen.
    10. Harley is tough, she’ll fight back, and has a powerful pistol. The only benefit you’ll have is that Harley’s pistol is slow, giving you time to dodge.
    11. Don’t bother trying to clear the room, as long as Harley is awake, she’ll constantly summon two new thugs to help her out. Still, you’ll need to thin their numbers. You’ll also need to watch out for when the thugs take hostages. There are two cops in the area, and if the goons get too scared, they’ll take a hostage.
    12. When a hostage is taken, you can’t be spotted until the hostage-taker is defeated. Keep that in mind, you’ll receive a warning whenever a hostage is taken.
    13. Start the area right. Look up and left just as you enter, and zipline up to the sniper’s nest. Take the sniper out.
    14. Now you’ll have a good view of the area. There are two areas on the left and right with lots of cover, that’s where you’ll want to pick off goons.
    15. Chase down Harley, when you have time, and she’s separated, use a Silent Takedown, then continue to attack. Keep attacking to dish out extra damage, that’ll bring her health down fast. When her two reinforcements arrive, make a run for it and wait until they’re separated again.
    16. This fight will take patience. Don’t even bother defeating the last two thugs, just try to separate them from Harley whenever you can. When she’s alone, beat her up, run, repeat. It might help to plant Snap-Flashes on the two last thugs so you can stun them and escape whenever they get close.
    17. When Harley is defeated, finish off the last two goons, then return to the Shrine to save Batman.
    18. But, you’ll have on last giant problem to death with. An army of Harley’s gang stands between you and Batman, including a Titan thug. This time, they’re armed with everything but rifles, so you’re in for a long fight.
    19. Focus on the weak unarmed goons, and try to plant those Snap-Flashes whenever possible, you’ll build a combo fast with each blast. Use your Instant Takedowns as soon as you get them, and be quick on the dodges to keep your distance from the Titan thug.
    20. When the Titan thug is out of the main group and you aren’t being harassed at all sides, use the stun attack three times in a row to stun the Titan monster, then keep attacking to take control. When you’re riding on it’s back, you can use a charge, a regular melee sweep, or a ground pound stun. It’s a good way to weaken the entire group, and build up a huge combo score.
    21. This group might take some practice, but keep at it. When they’re finished, Batman will be free, and you’ll be back in control of the Dark Knight.

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