Batman: Arkham City – Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • The Shipyard – Robin
  • Industrial District – Batman
  • The Shipyard – Batman
  • The Shipyard – Robin Redux
  • The Shipyard – Batman Redux
  • The Shipyard – Batman Redux

    1. Back in the black boots, run over to the bomb and use the Cryptographic Sequencer to hack the bomb panel. When the shield opens, interact to destroy the bomb, but this isn’t the last one. Two more bombs remain.
    2. Turn around and head back to the Warehouse through the large automatic doors. In the hallway, three goons will attack. Don’t let them slow you down. Stun one, beat him down with lots of attacks, use your Instant Takedown to finish off a second, then defeat the last guy.
    3. Do you remember how Batman gets around steam valves? Equip the Freeze Grenade and freeze the pipe, running through and opening the door ahead.
    4. Inside the Warehouse, zipline to the roof and take out the sniper to your right. On the opposite side of the room, you’ll spot a small area the sniper was watching near the ceiling, that’s where the bomb is hidden. Use the Line Launcher to get across and jump into the alcove, blocking both steam valves with Freeze Grenades.
    5. Once both valves are frozen, use the Sequencer to hack the red panel, and destroy the bomb. That’s two bombs down, one to go.
    6. Next up, get back to the Pump Room. From the bomb, leave the Warehouse through the door to your left. In the hall, four goons will be in your way. Use the unarmed thugs to build your combo, and Instant Takedown the armored thug before wiping the floor with his partners.
    7. Now that you’re free of goons, the double doors will open into the Pump Room. Just as you enter, look up and right for a platform above. Grapple up to the platform, and use the Remote Electrical Charge on the yellow generator several times to push the platform to a weak wall.
    8. With the platform against the weak wall, use Batman’s Explosive Gel to knock the wall down. Enter the room, hack the panel, and disable the last bomb.
    9. The bombs are defused. That leaves you to an uneventful trip back to the Joker Shrine. Go through the Warehouse, use the Freeze Grenades on the steam valve, and you’ll be back.
    10. Harley has another bomb, and Wonder City robots! The robots aren’t particularly dangerous, take them out just like you would any normal unarmed thugs. There are some differences.
    11. Robots hit harder than regular thugs, but they’re also slower. They can’t be stunned, and they won’t telegraph their attacks. You’ll just have to predict a Robot’s attack by how it rears back one arm to punch.
    12. During the entire fight, Harley will take potshots at you with her special pistol. You’ll see the laser sight, and a weak gunshot can be heard when she fires. The projectile is slow, when you hear the sound of her firing, just dodge out of the way.
    13. Take the fight slow, watch your enemies’ movements, and use Instant Takedowns when you can, dodging often to stay out of Harley’s sights. When the last robot falls, you’ll have to face Harley.
    14. Harley will be standing on the Joker Shrine, trying to shoot you with her pistol. Dodge to avoid her first shot, then grapple up to her position. She’ll try to kick you off the handhold – watch for the blue counter icon above Harley’s head. Counter her kick, and you’ll bring the madwoman into custody.

    Congratulations, you’ve completed Harley Quinn’s Revenge!

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    On May 29, 2012 at 4:00 pm

    is that it?mitch your awsome I need help at the end of arkham city whe you play as catwomen im 10 by the way.