Batman: Arkham City Park Row Riddler Trophy Guide

Located in Arkham City are hundreds of Riddler Trophies, designed specifically to make your life miserable as you hunt down each and every one. These trophies also unlock unique content like new challenge maps, concept art, and interview tapes. Finding enough continues the Riddler’s side-mission in Arkham City, and gets Batman one step closer to capturing him.

If riddles aren’t your thing, and you’re just looking to kick butt as Batman, join Game Front on our huge text and video walkthrough. For more extra information, check out the cheats page.

Riddler Guide

Important Note: For every location, the easiest way to discover the locations for every Riddler Trophy / Riddle is to locate Riddler Informants and interrogate them.

Park Row Riddler Trophy Guide

  1. Find this trophy inside the Courthouse Basement. You’ll need the Remote Batarang, throw it into the elecricity, then turn it around to hit the fusebox. The cell door opens.
  2. This trophy is stuck to the ceiling, use the Batclaw to grab it while running up the courthouse basement stairs.
  3. West of the Courthouse, you can find this riddler trophy on the roof. There are four riddler switchers, use the Explosive Gel on three and throw the Batarang at the unobscured sign.
  4. Northwest of the Courthouse, against the prison walls, use the upgraded TYGER Cryptographic Sequencer to open the doors and gain access to the trophy.
  5. West of the Courthouse, you can spot a weak wall. Use the Explosive Gel, then use the REC.
  6. Down the mainstreet west of the Courthouse, find a TYGER security area guarded by an auto-turret. Use the upgraded Disruptor to deactivate the gun.
  7. Above Catwoman’s place, against the prison wall, find another TYGER checkpoint. Use the upgraded Disruptor to shut down the turret and use Explosive Gel on the wall.
  8. Under one of the main highways, there’s a camp of political prisoners. Smash down one of the weak walls to find a trophy.
  9. West of the Gotham Casino, find five blinking question switches. They light up rapidly, time your batarangs to hit all five.
  10. Below the previous trophy, look down at the water. An icey trophy is in the water. Use the Freeze Blast to create an ice block and take it.
  11. Southeast of the Courthouse, look on the rooftops for a question mark west of the trophy. Hit the question switch with a batarang to open the container.
  12. Down below, jump to ground level and look in the alley for a trophy behind a steam pipe. Use the Freeze Blast to stop it and get access.
  13. East of the Courthouse, find a pressude pad on a tall building. The pad opens up a metal door below. Jump down through the metal grate, and blow open the floor with Explosive Gel.
  14. Just east of the courthouse, find a pressure pad on the roof of the building nearby. You’ll need to hit three pressure pads without touching the ground to access this trophy. Start at the highest point, glide down to the second, jump off the pad/wall and glide to the ground.
  15. West of the Courthouse, swing to the roof of a bar and use the Cryptographic Sequencer to open the roof cell.
  16. Southwest of the Courthouse, enter the alley and slide under the low grating to grab this trophy.
  17. In the Church, enter the Belltower Tower. On the bottom floor of the actual tower, turn around and look up at the archway. Use the batclaw to get it.
  18. In the Church, use the Cryptographic Sequencer to open the security panel door.
  19. In the Church, look for a weak wooden wall. Jump up and use the Line Launcher to kick through the wooden wall.
  20. On the roof of the building behind the church, look for a room blocked by a REC shutter and a weak wall requiring Explosive Gel.
  21. Directly behind the church, enter the Riddler cage and use the Line Launcher to cross the red pressure pads. Grapple up to the trophy.
  22. In the Church, knock down the wooden walls with a punch on the confessional.
  23. Along the southern edge of Park Row, look on the north side of the building for a Riddle Ball puzzle. Use the REC to push and pull the Riddle Ball to the green neon grating.
  24. Southwest of Ace Chemicals, look for five flashing neon question switches. You only need to hit the fifth switch in line when it is lit to get the trophy.
  25. In an alley near the southern border of Park Row, use the Freeze Blast to stop the steam pipe and slide under the grating.
  26. On a tall building, you’ll spot a large neon Riddler-painted gargoyle. Jump on to open a metal door beneath. Dive down through the metal door to get the trophy.
  27. On the rooftops across from the courthouse, just step on the pressure plate to open the trophy container.
  28. On another roof just off the prison walls, you’ll find a cage attached to an open vent. Throw the Remote Batarang into the vent, turn around in the cage and hit the question switch.
  29. Southeast of the vents, look on a roof with a wooden walled shack. Knock down the wooden wall to get the trophy.
  30. Southwest of the church, stand near the trophy and use your detective vision to find the attached switch. Use the Remote Batarang to hit the switch and take the trophy.
  31. South of the Church, look for a rooftop with a pressure pad and a question mark sign. Fly as high as you can, glide down and divebomb the pressure pad, setting off the secondary blast to activate the question mark. Hit the switch with a batarang.
  32. From the Monarch Theater, go down the street to a cobbled together wall. Climb it and search for a wooden wall. Use the Line Launcher to break it down and grab the trophy inside.
  33. North of Ace Chemicals, find a slightly raised car on the streets. Slide underneath it and grab the trophy as you pass.
  34. Northwest of Ace Chemicals, use the REC to open the shutters of a shop.
  35. In the southwest corner of Park Row, search for a Riddler cage marked with mines. Use the Disruptor with the Mine Upgrade to destroy the mines and gain access to the trophy.
  36. In the northeast corner of Park Row, use the Freeze Blast on the water and jump in. Use the Batclaw and real yourself over to the trophy.

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