Batman: Arkham Origins – Anarky Tags Collectible Locations Guide

Clean up Gotham by tracking down all 24 Anarky Tags in Batman: Arkham Origins. The sinister villain has left his mark all over the city, but only Batman can detect these invisible signatures in Detective Mode. Once found, simply mark the tag with the Evidence Scanner to earn easy experience points.

Experience everything the campaign has to offer with Game Front’s complete Batman: Arkham Origins game guide, with tips and tricks for fighting every deadly assassin. If you’re looking for more collectible locations, Easter eggs, or other secrets check out the Arkham Origins cheats page.

Anarky Tags Locations Guide

Coventry Tags

  • Tag #1: Located on the large warehouse with pipes jutting out from the side in the northwestern-most point of Coventry. Stand near the water and look at the warehouse from the corner of the map.
  • Tag #2: Go to the road on the northern edge of the Cale-Anderson building and look near the center from street level.
  • Tag #3: Reach the large pipe-walkway jutting from the tall building just west of the highway leading to the bridge north. Land on the pipe sticking into the northern side of the building to find the tag.
  • Tag #4: Travel to the Wayne Enterprises building and under the large neon “W – ENT” sign. There’s a wall section to the right of the yellow sign. That’s where you’ll find the tag.
  • Tag #5: Go to the docks in the southwestern section of Coventry and look where two jutting lines stick out on the map. Land near them to find a lower section leading into the underground. Just at the mouth of the tube, look on the ground for the tag.

Burnley Tags

  • Tag #6: On the building with the prominent Hamilton Hill sign, look for a square section between structures with a metal grate partway down. Drop to the grate and use detective mode to locate the symbol on one of nearby walls.
  • Tag #7: Go to the southwestern edge of the Gotham City Police Department building. Drop down onto a small square landing from the roof to find the symbol on a wall.

Diamond District Tags

  • Tag #8: On the lowest western corner of the Royal Hotel, look down the short dead end path near the fences over the water to find this tag.
  • Tag #9: Check the map. Just north of the “Diamond District” marker, look for a small rooftop between buildings below the neon blue bottle sign. There’s a small shack with a destructible wooden wall. Behind the shack, there’s a tag on the brick wall.
  • Tag #10: Easy. Go to the Gotham Cinema and zoom in on the “Ex Mas” poster.
  • Tag #11: Trickier. Travel to the open courtyard on the northern edge of the district, and look for a small set of stairs leading to a single door. The symbol is plastered over this door, in a nondescript corner.
  • Tag #12: Look for a mid-level roof across from the GCR neon sign. The tag should be visible from the Radio tower.
  • Tag #13: Down the blocked off central street of the district near the furniture company, look for a yellow sign over a very small alley, near a dead tree covered in Christmas lights. The tag is in this corner, below the neon yellow sign.

Industrial District Tags

  • Tag #14: From the northeastern corner of the district, start at the storage tanks and fly south into the alley slightly west of the gates. It should be visible on the wall of the factory at street level, from the three vats.
  • Tag #15: The next one is actually on the vats. Look on the eastern side of the structure holding up the “Amertech” blue sign, partway up the refinery.

Sheldon Park

  • Tag #16: Go to the northwestern edge of the district bordering Sheldon Park. Swing up halfway onto the building’s northeast corner, where a sniper usually resides.
  • Tag #17: Travel to the southern edge of the next building over and drop onto the metal grates over the pipes below the Jezebel Plaza sign. The tag is on the southern wall of the large building, beneath a catwalk.

The Bowery Tags

  • Tag #18: Get on the roof of the large building in the southern section of the Bowery — the one with a clock face. Look on the sloped section between the two skylights.
  • Tag #19: Go to the sidewalk overlooking the water along the northern edge of the museum to find this tag behind trash. Right next to Park Row.

Park Row Tags

  • Tag #20: From the Ace Chemicals sign in Park Row, look on the east face of the building, about half-way up. It can be seen in the tight space between another neighboring building.
  • Tag #21: West of the red neon Monarch sign, look for a rooftop halfway up the large building in the corner bordering Sheldon Park.
  • Tag #22: Locate the eastern wall of the abandoned courthouse and drop into the alley full of thugs. Jump over the police tape to find the mark between two large columns.

Amusement Mile

  • Tag #23: Look on the ceiling down the road left of the bright Gotham Casino entrance.
  • Tag #24: Drop down onto the ground to look at the large building’s east wall, the one closest to the large ship, between stacks of yellow and blue shipping containers.

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2 Comments on Batman: Arkham Origins – Anarky Tags Collectible Locations Guide


On October 28, 2013 at 7:09 am

Is there no way to get these tags to appear on my in-game map?

Kevin Thielenhaus

On October 28, 2013 at 11:59 am

As far as I’m aware, there’s no way. Like the Pinkney plaques, you just have to find them.