Batman: Arkham Origins Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Blackgate Prison Escape
  • Hunting the Penguin
  • The Final Offer
  • Black Mask Crime Scene
  • The GCPD Building
  • Gotham Merchants Bank
  • Sionis Steel Mill
  • The Royal Hotel
  • Hunting Bane
  • Gotham Pioneers Bridge
  • Blackgate Prison Redux

    Blackgate Prison Redux

    Approach the bat computer to restore Detective Vision and activate it before perching on the railing to the left, then look towards Alfred’s body on the rocks directly below and glide down to him to remove the rubble.

    Shock Alfred’s body repeatedly to bring him back to life and watch the next cut scene unfold, then pull yourself on top of the gate ahead on the right and toss a smoke pellet into the group of thugs below before gliding down to eliminate them.

    Drop through the manhole in the corner to enter the sewers beneath Blackgate Prison and blow through the next section of wooden floor ahead to fall into the area below, then pull yourself onto the ledge above and use the remote claw to cross the gap in front of you.

    Use the remote claw again to cross the next two gaps above the electrified water and enter the corridor above at the end to blow through the wooden wall on the left, then glide down to the ledge below to destroy the fusebox around the corner.

    Return to the gap you glided across and create a raft in the water below to pull yourself through the next tunnel ahead, then enter Sewage Flow Control Room A above on the left to approach the button in the corner and look out through the window to see the electrical activity on the other side of the tunnel.

    Throw a batarang out the window so that it passes through the electricity in the distance and turn it left to hit the fuse box in the corner on the other side, then exit the room to create a raft in the next pool of water below and pull yourself over to the wooden wall ahead to blow it open.

    Proceed forward with the help of the glue grenades by creating rafts and clogging steam pipes until you reach the Prison Maintenance area, then eliminate the group of criminals to charge the nearby generator and climb on top of the elevator that falls to rappel up the shaft.

    Crawl through the next ventilation duct to exit out the first grate on the right and take cover beside the doorway on the left to scope out the scene ahead using Detective Vision, then ambush the nearby guard from behind and pull yourself onto one of the gargoyles above to start clearing the room with glide kicks or inverted takedowns.

    Eliminate the snipers on the upper walkways and ledges first, then use smoke pellets if necessary to mask your escape or to take out multiple enemies at once if they’re close enough.

    Once you’ve cleared the room, approach the hostages located within the room at its center and speak with Harleen Quinzel to proceed into the Cell Block B Access area below on the right.

    Eliminate the group of thugs in Cell Block B to climb the next staircase in the corner and make your way across the second floor to encounter Deathstroke, then descend the steps on the opposite side of the room to defeat another gang of criminals in the area below.

    Proceed into the Panopticon Access area to eliminate a third wave of enemies and enter the next room ahead to activate a cut scene, then roll sideways repeatedly to dodge Bane’s initial charging attacks and his jumping ground pound attacks.

    Hit Bane with an ultra stun attack to follow it up with a beatdown combo and continue assaulting the boss in this way until your shock gloves are charged, then use them to drain the enemy’s health and defeat the group of smaller thugs that appears next.

    Continue fighting Bane until a cut scene is activated in which he breaks you over his knee and the GCPD arrive, then take down the next group of thugs by diving away from or over the boss each time he charges.

    Wait for Bane to execute a ground pound that knocks out all of the other thugs and move in close to attack him by starting with an ultra stun combo, then continue clearing the area of lesser criminals and take another two chunks out of the boss’ health bar.

    Continue attacking the boss until the next cut scene is activated, then shock Bane repeatedly to bring him back to life and start the fight all over again in the Maximum Security Ward.

    Wait for Bane to walk away, then sneak up behind him in the next corridor to execute a silent takedown maneuver as soon as he passes by one of the electric generators within the surrounding walls and follow it up with a series of combo strikes.

    Retreat from Bane once he escapes from the electricity to drop into the nearest floor grate and wait for the boss to approach before executing a second takedown maneuver, then continue attacking in this manner until the next cut scene is activated and fire the bat claw at the two indicated grapple points to defeat this enemy for good.

    Proceed through the control room ahead to pull yourself onto the ledge above in the right corner, then crawl into the next ventilation duct to drop into Death Row on the other side and activate a cut scene.

    Defeat the next group of thugs with the help of Gordon to enter the Prison Chapel and activate another cut scene, then follow the on-screen prompts to defeat the Joker and complete the game.

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