Batman: Arkham Origins Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Blackgate Prison Escape
  • Hunting the Penguin
  • The Final Offer
  • Black Mask Crime Scene
  • The GCPD Building
  • Gotham Merchants Bank
  • Sionis Steel Mill
  • The Royal Hotel
  • Hunting Bane
  • Gotham Pioneers Bridge
  • Blackgate Prison Redux

    The Final Offer

    Head towards the current objective marker to reach the next GCR tower and eliminate the group of enemies on the roof below it, then throw a Remote Control Batarang through the electrified hole in the top corner of the nearby cage and hit the fuse box on the other side to activate it.

    Open the cage door to uncover the control room and use the cryptographic sequencer to deactivate the jamming signal, then hack the Sim card frequency to receive the next objective location and travel towards the marker to land in the courtyard area near the casino.

    Clear out the wave of thugs to hack the signal on the nearby laptop and receive the next objective location, then travel towards the current marker to reach the factory yard and access another laptop to triangulate the Penguin’s position.

    Travel to the old ship to perch on top of the Amertek building that overlooks it and activate Detective Vision to locate the enemies guarding the deck, then glide towards the crow’s nest at the front of the vessel and eliminate the sniper inside of it.

    Stay above the thugs on the deck to eliminate them one-by-one with glide kicks and batarangs, then drop into the ships cargo area below to pass through the doors ahead and take out enemies in front of you by using blade dodges.

    Proceed through the corridor ahead to eliminate the thugs in the room at the end and open the next door ahead to navigate another hallway, then stay above the water by using the available obstacles to cross over it.

    Perform a glide kick to take out the first thug in the next room below and clear out the remaining enemies to approach the pool of water on the right, then use the bat claw to pull the wooden raft towards you and jump on top of it.

    Use the bat claw to grab the next grapple point ahead and pull yourself across the water to move the raft up against it, then turn right to continue floating through the ship by attaching to the series of available grapple points you spot along the way.

    Activate Detective Vision to locate the next breakaway floor above on the left and tear it down with the bat claw to pull yourself onto the ledge behind it, then open the door at the top of the steps around the corner to reach the Boiler Deck.

    Turn right to pull yourself up onto the ledge in the corner and climb onto the catwalk above to navigate past the steam vents as each one momentarily shuts off, then ascend onto the ledge at the end and pull open the valve cover on the left.

    Drop into the battle area below to activate a cut scene in which you encounter the Electrocutioner, then approach this enemy at close-range to deliver a single kick that knocks him out cold.

    Defeat the surrounding wave of thugs to interrogate one of them and proceed through the exit door to ascend to the next area above, then head left to open another door in the corner and drop to Deck 4 to navigate the adjacent corridor.

    Proceed through the ventilation duct ahead to drop into Deck 2 and turn around to slide in the next room, then use your bat claw to grab the data pack on the ceiling and then exit this area to destroy the wall of ice in the corner with explosive gel.

    Pull yourself onto the next ledge above in the distance and turn around to repeat the same action, then jump to the yellow-striped railing beside you to climb along it towards the right and look up at the end to ascend to the platform overhead.

    Look up towards the left to pull yourself onto another yellow-striped railing and perform a ledge takedown to enter Pump Room 1, then move through the door marked “Upper Deck” and eliminate another group of thugs around the corner.

    Pull open the next trap door on the ceiling to ascend to the floor above and crawl through the ventilation duct on the left to reach the hallway at the end, then enter the casino to eliminate the groups of thugs below and use Beatdown to take out the ones wearing body armor.

    Enter the vent below the 5 Easy banner in the corner to hack the device on the other side and return to the casino to eliminate another wave of enemies, then proceed into the elevator to ride it to the floor above and counter Tracey’s attack.

    Decrypt the device amongst the monitors on the wall and crash through the window to return to the casino below, then open the theatre doors to encounter the enforcer and defeat him with multiple combo attacks while fending off the other enemies.

    Enter the theatre to head right and execute a silent takedown on the next enemy around the corner as he walks away from you, then pull yourself onto the series of gargoyles above to perform silent takedowns or drop attacks on as many thugs as possible without being seen.

    Finish clearing the theater to speak with the Falcone thug and move through the open doorway in the corner behind him to activate a cut scene, then defeat the surrounding enemies to activate a cutscene in which you encounter Deathstroke.

    Lash out at Deathstroke with combo strikes and execute counter-attacks whenever prompted to avoid taking damage, then continue your success with both offense and defense maneuvers until the opponent’s mask is removed.

    Assault Deathstroke with combo strikes whenever you aren’t locked in combat with him and prepare for a flurry of counter-attacks when your opponent drops a smoke bomb, then continue the hand-to-hand duel until you’re hit with the remote claw and catch the on-coming barrel before it explodes to toss the container at the enemy.

    Grab Deathstroke with your bat claw to slowly pull him in closer and continue draining his health bar with combo strikes to eventually defeat this villain, then use the Remote Claw to hit the grapple point above so that it creates a tight rope and fire the bat claw to climb on top of it.

    Zip-line across the tight rope to try accessing the Broiler Deck and watch the Penguin’s next message, then move through the exit door beneath the movie screen to find your way out of the ship again and complete this mission.

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