Batman: Arkham Origins Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Blackgate Prison Escape
  • Hunting the Penguin
  • The Final Offer
  • Black Mask Crime Scene
  • The GCPD Building
  • Gotham Merchants Bank
  • Sionis Steel Mill
  • The Royal Hotel
  • Hunting Bane
  • Gotham Pioneers Bridge
  • Blackgate Prison Redux

    The GCPD Building

    Travel to the Batcave to acquire the Concussion Detonator, then return to the city to head towards the current objective marker and reach the next GCR tower to clear out the thugs on the rooftop.

    Approach the top right corner of the rooftop and activate Detective Vision to spot the grapple point on the tower in the distance across from you, then fire remote claw at it to create a tight rope and use it to crash through the window on the left.

    Hack the nearby device and crawl through the ventilation duct above to reach the roof, then open the control booth at the top to hack another device inside.

    Head towards the next objective marker to reach the GCPD and perch on the gargoyle at the right side of building to look down on the pair of men guarding the door below.

    Swing over to the gargoyle beside you and eliminate the guard on the balcony below to your left with a glide kick, then turn around to ascend onto the gargoyle above on the right and watch the group of officers split up.

    Hit the leftmost guard below with a glide kick to distract the other officers and return to the first gargoyle you perched upon, then fly down towards the pair of men guarding the door and eliminate them.

    Continue using the gargoyles to eliminate the officers on the rooftop each time they split up and move through the door that was previously guarded to enter the building, then blow open the wall at the bottom of the next staircase and drop into the shaft to land on the elevator as it descends.

    Wait for the elevator to stop before climbing onto the ledge above and enter the ventilation duct ahead to take down the cop on the other side, then pass through the Manager’s Office to eliminate group of officers in the next room.

    Crawl through the vent in the corner of the ceiling above to turn left on the other side and fire the remote claw at the grapple point on the far wall to create a tight rope, then walk across it to drop silently into the empty room at the end and exit into the hall to eliminate the officer at the coffee machine.

    Hack the device in the corner to your right and move through the next door to reach Swat Division, then take cover behind the boxes on the left to spy on the cops and hit the fire extinguisher in the background with a batarang to eliminate them with a surprise attack.

    Enter the Interrogation Room to takedown the cop through the window and approach Loose Lips to interrogate him, then exit into the hallway to pull yourself on top of the doorway to the right and toss a smoke pellet amongst the group of officers below.

    Drop into the room filled with cops to eliminate them quickly and blow open the boarded-up section of the wall to enter the area behind reception desk, then exit through the door on the right to proceed into Locker No. 2 and approach the officer around the corner to take him down silently.

    Enter the ventilation duct near the floor to hear Gordon’s conversation with his daughter and pull yourself onto the next ledge above to climb the nearby ladder, then walk out onto the perch that overlooks the GCPD Bullpen and swing to the one on the opposite side of the room.

    Eliminate the cop below with an inverted takedown and continue moving between the perches to search for another officer separated from the rest of the crowd, then incapacitate them with an inverted takedown or glide kick when no one else is within their eyeline.

    If you are spotted while eliminating an officer, drop a smoke pellet before pulling yourself onto one of the surrounding perches above or knock them out first with a flurry of batarangs.

    You can also hide in the crawlspaces within the floor of the bullpen to wait for an officer to walk by so they can be eliminated with a silent takedown and there’s a room in the corner with a skylight that can be broken through to incapacitate the cop beneath it.

    Finish clearing the bullpen to pass through the door you unlocked previously and sneak past the cops ahead on the right to enter the room at the end of the hall.

    Try hacking the next device, then enter the room on the left to take down the cops in the corner and specifically eliminate the shielded enemy by first stunning him with your cape.

    Hack the nearby device to drop into the elevator shaft and proceed forward at the bottom to descend the steps around the corner, then sneak up quietly behind the group of cops in the Holding Cells area and open the door on the left without being seen to reach the Infirmary below.

    Make your way to the back of the room to approach the crumbling wall marked “Elevator” on the left and blow it apart to enter the Derelict Elevator Shaft, then walk forward to pull yourself onto the next ledge high above and look up to fire the remote claw at the available anchor point.

    Walk across the tight rope you’ve created to pass through the nearby ventilation duct and enter the Evidence Locker, then make your way over to the cage in the back right corner of the room and take the Disruptor on the desk.

    Return to the Holding Cells and unlock the door that closes by first shooting the jammer above the security device, then defeat the group of thugs ahead and pull yourself onto the second floor landing to drop back into the Cell Block Access area.

    Make your way back to the server room’s entrance to disable the jammer and proceed through the door in the corner to encounter Barbara Gordon, then enter the nearby duct to reach the shooting range on the other side and duck behind the crates to listen to the SWAT team’s conversation.

    Once the pair of of officers start approaching your position, toss a smoke pellet amongst the SWAT team to disorient them and move in to eliminate all threats by using combination attacks.

    Hit the button in the corner and hack the next device above to exit the shooting range, then open the door on the left to activate a cut scene in which you encounter Gordon on the 10th floor and drop a smoke pellet to escape from the gunfire.

    Activate Detective Vision to see through the smoke and eliminate the SWAT team, then open the nearby door to exit onto the rooftop and ascend the steps leading up to the helipad to incapacitate the officers at the top.

    Head towards the next objective marker to reach the Hamilton Hill building and eliminate the police officers on the two rooftops in front of it, then drop into the alley below and open the indicated manhole to enter the sewers.

    Make your way through the sewer tunnel to encounter Black Mask’s men and target the red-clad martial arts expert below to take him out with a glide kick, then eliminate the rest of the surrounding thugs and blow open the nearby wall to enter the Pump Room around the corner.

    Pull yourself onto the walkway on the left to follow it around and use the bat claw to reach the enemy on the ledge above at the end, then take him down to quickly eliminate the other enemy nearby and ascend to the next walkway behind you to use the water valve controls.

    Use Detective Vision to locate the water valve hatch across from you and pull it down to release the steam, then shoot the grapple point on the opposite wall ahead with the remote claw to slide down the tightrope it creates and take down the enemy through the next window below.

    Hack the device on the nearby balcony to locate the next enemy in the pipeline below and perch on the railing to eliminate him with a glide kick, then proceed through the tunnel ahead to reach the GCPD Telecom Room and make your way into the open area behind it to spot the group of thugs on the left.

    Use a glide kick to start eliminating the thugs below and activate the elevator to clear out the enemies on the next floor above, then press the indicated button near the monitors to connect to the criminal database and complete this mission.

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