Batman: Arkham Origins Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Blackgate Prison Escape
  • Hunting the Penguin
  • The Final Offer
  • Black Mask Crime Scene
  • The GCPD Building
  • Gotham Merchants Bank
  • Sionis Steel Mill
  • The Royal Hotel
  • Hunting Bane
  • Gotham Pioneers Bridge
  • Blackgate Prison Redux

    Sionis Steel Mill

    Approach the current bat signal to perch somewhere that looks down on the section of the steel mill’s yard closest to the water, then take out the sniper on the highest metal platform and pull yourself onto one of the nearby gargoyles above to continue clearing the area by eliminating the thugs in descending order of elevation.

    Enter the steel mill via the door out front to drop into the next crawlspace on the left and proceed forward to ambush the group of thugs ahead, then turn around to pass through the door in the back right corner and ascend the staircase to crawl into the vent at the top.

    Navigate across the ceiling beams above Sionis’ Office to drop in on the thugs below and clear them out by picking off the gunmen first, then analyze the computers beside the Christmas tree and return to the loading bay to hack the device in the left corner.

    Open the next door above to enter the warehouse and toss a smoke pellet into the group of thugs below before sprinting down to eliminate them, then take down the lesser enemies in the second wave of hostiles first and roll away from each of the Enforcer’s charging attacks so that he crashes into the wall.

    Yank the enforcer towards you with the bat claw to hit him with an ultra stun maneuver and follow it up with a series of combo strikes until he is defeated, then press the nearby button to send the crane into the breakaway wall above and get behind the metal beams to pull them backwards so that they create a larger hole.

    Proceed through the hole in the wall to enter the elevator that rises ahead and examine the body on the floor before hitting the call button to descend to the next floor below, then open the doors in front of you to eliminate the mobsters on the other side and make your way forward into the Drug Lab.

    Swing across the gargoyles above to reach the opposite side of the room and execute as many inverted takedowns as possible without being seen, then drop to the lower level of the lab to eliminate enemies from behind and use the floor grates or gliding kicks to finish clearing the area.

    Move through the yellow doors at the back of the lab to activate a cut scene in which you encounter Copperhead, then use Detective Vision to scan the area where Black Mask was being held and locate the sweat sample.

    Reconstruct the crime scene to follow the red line up towards the ceiling and scan the poison sample you find, then exit the room to move through the next door on the right-side wall and proceed past the various hallucinations ahead to ascend in the elevator.

    Strike and counter the Copperhead hallucinations to defeat them one-by-one, then continue moving forward to encounter the real villain and deflect her initial attack.

    Fend off the surrounding Copperhead clones as you would any other gang of thugs and watch for her health bar to start draining so you know when you’re fighting the actual boss.

    Use evasive maneuvers to move between the fakes and continue striking the real Copperhead or drop explosives to increase the odds of hitting her upon each detonation, then fend off the enemies until the antidote arrives to remove the hallucinations and quickly defeat the boss with a single strike to complete this mission.

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