Batman: Arkham Origins Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Blackgate Prison Escape
  • Hunting the Penguin
  • The Final Offer
  • Black Mask Crime Scene
  • The GCPD Building
  • Gotham Merchants Bank
  • Sionis Steel Mill
  • The Royal Hotel
  • Hunting Bane
  • Gotham Pioneers Bridge
  • Blackgate Prison Redux

    The Royal Hotel

    After blowing up the canister on your way out of the steel mill, head towards the current objective marker to reach Pioneer Bridge and stand on the indicated spot to pick up Electrocutioner’s signal.

    Follow the signal to the Royal Hotel and take out the SWAT team guarding the parking garage entrance, then proceed through the next door below to descend the ramp on the left and follow the road forward to eliminate the pair of enemies ahead from behind as they walk by.

    Drop through the window to eliminate the group of thugs below and hack the nearby security console to open the gate so you can strike the button on the other side with a batarang, then fire the remote claw through the hole in the ceiling and ascend to the floor above to open the Parking Gate.

    Restart the Main Generator to access the elevator and ride it to the floor above to reach the Hotel Lobby, then take cover behind the barrels on the left to eliminate the thug approaching from around the corner and proceed forward to incapacitate the next enemy on the right.

    Hide at the top of the staircase to eliminate the next thug approaching from below and pull yourself onto one of the gargoyles above to help you finish clearing the room with glide kicks or inverted takedowns, then hack the device near the Employees Only door to enter the Security Room.

    Following the next cut scene, pull yourself onto the elevator platform to charge its generator with the Shock Gloves and ascend to proceed onto the next steel girder above.

    Approach the hole in the ceiling on the left to pull yourself up onto the building ledge above and enter the East Tower’s 10th Floor, then pass through the doors around the corner to encounter the next group of thugs and charge the generator on the right-side wall to raise the security gate.

    Slide beneath the gate to eliminate the surrounding thugs and pass through the door in the corner ahead to crawl into the vent above on the right, then jump the gap between the next pair of elevators below to charge another generator and ascend on top of the car.

    Pull yourself through the open elevator doors above to execute a ledge takedown and clear out the thugs in the next room ahead with the help of the Shock Gloves, then speak with the Hotel Employee and charge the nearby generator to slide beneath the gate that rises.

    Navigate the hallway to approach the open set of windows at the end and activate a short cut scene, then fire the bat claw at the indicated window across from you to slide down it and knock out the enemy in the opposite tower.

    Approach the next generator to stop at the corner across from it and use your disruptor to disable the Sentry Turret on the left, then charge the generator to eliminate the group of thugs that approach and proceed through the door ahead to reach the ventilation shaft.

    Jump to the next platform around the corner to pull yourself onto the yellow-striped railing above on the right and move left across it to reach the overhead ledge at the end.

    Fire the bat claw at the yellow-striped railing on the left to walk across the tight rope and flip the next control switch to pull yourself towards the next grapple point above, then crawl through the duct to yank open the valve cover on the other side and perform a ledge takedown on the enemy around the corner.

    Make your way to the West Tower’s 25th Floor and slide beneath the next gate to eliminate the enemies on the other side, then proceed through the door marked “Sleigh Rides” to drop down the elevator shaft and clear out the thugs below on the left.

    Enter the next room to create a tight rope between the two grapple points above and pull yourself onto it to glide over to the breakaway wall ahead, then blow it open to hack the console on the other side and drop into the water below to climb the ladder around the corner.

    Throw a remote control batarang through the electrified clown eye to have it make a u-turn and enter the other eye socket to hit the fusebox on the other side, then pull yourself through the trapdoor above to follow the tracks and enter the next purple-lit room on the right to start the carnival game.

    Watch the pink icons temporarily flash onto each of the four clown heads in front of you and use a batarang to hit the balloons in the same order the symbols appeared, then continue playing the game in this manner until you can pass beneath the gate that opens and eliminate the next group of thugs below on the right.

    Pull yourself into the balcony above to activate the Jack in the Box and shoot its head with the bat claw to walk left across the tight rope, then enter the next hallway area to eliminate the hostage-taker from behind and proceed into the Overview Bar.

    Enter the floor grate on the left to proceed forward through the duct and stop beneath the second access panel to perform a takedown on the thug above, then finish clearing the room to proceed into the corridor ahead and blow open the wall beside you to pull yourself onto the next gargoyle above.

    Pull yourself up into the open window attached to the Ho-Ho-Ho carpet and charge the generator on the right to locate the bombs in the next room, then hack the device in front of the countdown clock and approach the window beside you to jump through the glass.

    Fire the bat claw to grab the helicopter above as you fall through the air and defeat the group of thugs on the next rooftop below to proceed onto the East Tower’s 40th Floor, then enter the Swimming Pool area to pull yourself up onto the nearest gargoyle and target a lone thug on the lower level to eliminate him with a glide kick.

    Stay low to enter the floor grates and move between the various crawlspaces on the lower level to eliminate as many enemies as you can, then return to the gargoyles above to repeat the same strategy with inverted takedowns or glide kicks.

    Finish clearing the room to hack the device on the lower level and activate the next cut scene, then dodge Bane’s first attack to follow it up with a short series of combo strikes and drop an explosive device to stun him by detonating it near his feet.

    Hit the boss with a flurry of batarangs each time he flashes red to interrupt his next attack and continue lashing out with combo strikes until Bane juices himself up with Venom.

    Flip over the enemy’s head to execute an Ultra Stun assault and perform a Beatdown/Takedown with the Shock Gloves activated to remove Bane’s venom powers, then continue fending him off with combo strikes and counter-attacks until he throws you out the window.

    Use evasive rolling maneuvers to dodge Bane’s charging and jumping attacks, then hit him with Ultra Stun to remove his venom powers again and continue draining the enemy’s health by first eliminating the smaller thugs that appear.

    Repeat the previous steps to continue inflicting damage on Bane until the next cut scene is activate, then dive off the edge of the roof to fight with the Joker in mid-air and complete this mission.

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