Battle for Middle-Earth 2 Mod: Special Extended Edition

This mod for Lord of the Rings: The Battle For Middle-Earth 2 builds and improves upon the original game in almost every way imaginable.

Here are some of this mod’s features – and this is only a fraction of what’s available:

  • FortressUpgrade FX (all new) added for all Good and Evil factions.
  • AI’s Fortress Expansion’s pads & Range/VisionRange/ShroudRange behavior are completely refurbished, with more organized and symmetrical AI placement on the expansion pads.
  • Walls, Wall Hubs and Wall Upgrades are now only attackable by siege and structural damage dealing units. This includes removal of the annoying bug that caused melee units to attack catapults on walls.
  • Evil Economy Expansion is now 33% Lumbermills, 67% standard.
  • Stance AI behavior added for all units, complete with FX. When attacking, the AI units go to red FX and fight more aggressively.
  • BrutalAI Discount fixed. Now only 50% discount on heroes, instead of almost 90%.
  • Horde movement behavior adjusted.
    • When set on Aggressive Stance, hordes now swarm much farther apart when in melee combat, making the battlefield more realistically chaotic. Also fewer units will stand around in the back ranks doing nothing.
    • Adjusted CavalryHorde turning behaviour, which was awkward before, unless they where turning 180 degrees.
    • WargCavalry turning fix (Horde was faster than HordeMembers).
  • Range/Melee weapon toggle is now used by AI. Ranged weapon is default, and when in close combat, the units switch to melee weapons. Hobbits, Hobbit Heroes, Haldir, Captain Jackson, Corsairs, Rohirrim… all units like them will now use melee AND range attacks by the AI.
  • AI Horse mounting fixed for Gandalf, Eomer, Eowyn (also Disguise), Faramir, Glorfindel and Nazgul.
  • Attack Ranges are adjusted for all Heroes (shorter). Riders with swords now attack at about 2 to 4 o’clock (direction, right side).
  • Dropped Units do damage now! Infantry or Cavalry grabbed and dropped by Eagles or Fellbeast now have an impact FX and do some damage and knockback to units located on the landing site/ground.
  • Additional AI Spellbook Scripting for more variety of the Hard AI’s purchase order (25%).
  • Archers for all factions have been completely refurbished and polished. Extended Range is given for archer’s Bombard Attack (ballistic path). Archers now fire INDIVIDUALLY, and no longer simultaneously. Risk of missing targets is increased, and possibility to hit others is added. They also no longer run across the map to follow enemies that flee.
  • Industry spell have increased radius from 200 to 250. Now limited to 5 minutes.
  • New BannerUpgrade: Troops don’t replenish until this upgrade is purchased. Can be purchased at higher levels than level2, but increases level to a max of level 2. Marked by the CE-Banner Glow.
  • Forged Blades FX is finally fixed and unified, meaning All FB’s glow in a new glow that is white and very subtle.

Check out this trailer:

Download the BFME2 Special Extended Edition now, or head over to our Lord of the Rings network site, where you can find this and other great mods, or join the community and contribute your own creations.

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