BattleBlock Theater Walkthrough & Gold Yarn Locations Guide

Table of Contents

  • Insane Mode Video Walkthrough
  • Chapter 1: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 1: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 2: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 2: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 3: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 3: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 4: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 4: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 5: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 5: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 6: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 6: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 7: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 7: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 8: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 8: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 7


    Through the main path, hit the button and grab the jetpack before rushing through the portal. Use the jetpack to get through the steps of buzzsaws above and to the right of the portal.

    Above, you’ll be able to push a boat down a hole, where you can sail it over the water to the right. Here, you’ll be able to crack open a green critter’s egg. The creature will wait on the spikes, use it to jump over the water.

    Stand on the light brown button until the buzzsaw is freed, sliding across all four buttons. Now you can climb up and to the portal, where you can now leave the area taking the left path.

    GOLD YARN LOCATION: Before leaving, the yarn is located above the dark brown caution blocks. Climb the shifting blocks, then use the lava blocks to grab the yarn.

    Continue to climb up and push the boat into the pit. Ride the boat across the orange water to the exit.


    Only one way to go – up! Jump through the portal. Take the right path to continue down into a fork leading two different directions.

    Down the right path, you’ll need to kill the cat on the generator – use the fans to blow its grenades into its face.

    Down left, you’ll need to shut down both generators to get the pig and ride it onto the green button.

    Now you can return to through the portal to grab some gems and exit.

    GOLD YARN LOCATION: Before leaving, grab the jetpack against the left wall. Climb up the clouds, and use the jetpack to launch up into the right hole at the center of the level.


    Grab the pig and ride it across the water. Use the poles to escape the laser!

    Continuing through the floating block maze, free the green creature from its egg, and wait for it to wait at the high ledge. Hold [RT] and jump through the portal, double-jump up to the critter and he’ll pull you up.

    GOLD YARN LOCATION: Tricky to find, this time you’ll need to run toward the laser blaster block right above the visibly trapped yarn. The green block to the right of the laser is a fake.

    After switching the floating block to the green button, you’ll need to backtrack through the level to reach the exit.

    At the last challenge, don’t forget to cry for help to bring the pig back over the water.


    Welcome to another complicated level. Ignore the portal and the path leading up, they’re both dead-ends. Instead, move right and take out the cat at the bottom of the alternating clouds.

    But there’s nothing else to do down there, instead move up through the corridor of lasers. Set off the bomb blocks and quickly rush upward.

    Hit the green button, then backtrack down the corridor. Jump up into the room to the right of the jailed cats and push the rock onto another green button.

    Drop into the room to the left of the alternating clouds and place the rock stuck on a bomb block onto the right-most orange spring. It’ll launch it into place – on a white button.

    GOLD YARN LOCATION: Once both the green and white button are pushed, you’ll need to backtrack to the portal near the entrance. On the way, you’ll find a floating block and a jetpack. Grab the jetpack and ride it into the checkerboard clouds above, then blast up into the pink sludge trap above. Run quickly across the orange springs to safely get to the yarn. Because you’re running on sludge, you’ll need to make jumps to avoid setting the springs off.

    Set the holographic generator on, place the pig over the water leading to the exit, then turn the generator off. The path to the exit should now be clear.


    Time for time trials! Drop down, ride the orange spring to brush the bomb blocks, then jump back to the spring once the path is clear.

    Getting by the hovering cat guard is a pain. Just be sure not to accidentally brush into the bomb blocks above you as you jump.

    Passing by the room with cats armed with grenades, carefully drop through the spike-lined hole. Ahead, on the left, be sure to throw the rock off the generator before grabbing the wings.

    With the wings, fly up through the path above the pointer signs.

    In the second area, throw the rock onto the spring before quickly stepping onto the button. If you’re able to deactivate the blocks, the rock will land in the water, allowing you to get by without drowning.

    At the alternating cloud blocks, use the gray blocks to shield yourself on the way up. Climb up on the right, then shift to the left.

    GOLD YARN LOCATION: This tricky yarn is located after freeing the group of cats from their prison in the top right corner. A cat guard throwing concussive energy blasts is keeping the yarn safe.

    To get to the exit, move the pig onto the right-most button to clear the barrier. Use the pole, and double-jump to the key.

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