BattleBlock Theater Walkthrough & Gold Yarn Locations Guide

Table of Contents

  • Insane Mode Video Walkthrough
  • Chapter 1: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 1: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 2: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 2: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 3: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 3: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 4: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 4: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 5: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 5: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 6: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 6: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 7: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 7: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 8: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 8: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 1


    So begins your adventures in BattleBlock Theater. It’ll be a long adventure, so stick with us. After a quick tutorial, you’ll reach the first chapter.

    Each chapter consists of nine levels and one timed finale. After completing the finale, three more difficult levels will unlock. No need to touch those, yet!

    The goal of each level, this one included, is to collect three green gems to unlock the exit. But, you earn the best rating you’ll want to collect more extra gems, a ball of yarn, and complete the level under a strict time limit.

    This level is like an extended tutorial, teaching your little friend how to jump. Just know these simple facts; the friend can double-jump with two taps of [A]. If you fall or drop, you’ll still be able to jump twice.

    A press of [B] allows the friend to use a special weapon, equipped during the Player Setup as the third option. More of these special weapons can be unlocked by collected 5 gold yarns.

    The only difference between Normal and Insane Modes are checkpoints. These tiny gold poles will raise the flag once touched.

    Past the first checkpoint, and before finding your first instance of water, you’ll encounter a security cat.

    The cats are the basic enemies of BattleBlock Theater. Dealing with them isn’t easy. The best ways to defeat them is to push them into water or other deadly hazards.

    Use [Down+X] to slide, or [Down+B] to uppercut. Attacking while jumping to slam enemies downward. An attack standing still will shove cats back – useful for knocking them into traps.

    At the right corner, you’ll find a series of explosive blocks. These blocks will break in series once stepped on, but they won’t damage your friend. Fall onto the lava blocks to bounce up onto the cloud blocks above.

    The cloud blocks can be jumped through, or walked through on the left or right sides. There’s no way to drop through the bottom of the clouds; use these to reach a portal block to the left.

    Portal blocks are often used for secrets. Look for a blue line on normal blocks to find hidden places.

    To reach the first yarn, go through the portal and use the lava block to reach the clouds on the right. Jump up and onto the blocks to the right, above some water.

    The last gem is past the exit. Sometimes, you’ll find secrets hidden beyond the exit. Grab the gem and get back into the exit.


    To the left of the entrance, you’ll find an orange spring. Stand on these for a moment to send your friend flying in an arc over the water.

    Past the explosives and water, you’ll find alternating cloud blocks with a gem at the bottom. Walk through the clouds to drop down a space and collect the gem.

    To find the golden yarn, step onto the lava on the left corner of the level and brush the lava blocks above, then double-jump to reach the cloud blocks above. Hop into the portal and cross the waters to find the glowing yarn, no problem.

    Near the clouds, use the orange spring between the water to find another gem.


    In the right corner of the level, you’ll have to deal with a cat with bouncing bubbles. For now, they’re just an annoying obstruction – later, you’ll need to learn that these orange balls can be used like a stepping stone. Your friend can jump onto them.

    Further in the corner, step into the explosives to pop them. Collect the jetpack – you’ll get three charges. Each jump will send your friend flying five blocks high.

    Above the clouds on the right, you’ll find a section of lava. Holding forward, the friend will continue to bound forward through the lava passage.

    GOLD YARN LOCATION: To get the gold yarn, jump past the exit to find the yarn hanging above explosives and water. If you try to grab the yarn now, you’ll fall into the water as the explosives pop. Instead, hold [RT] near the water to draw the white boat directly underneath the gold yarn. Now with a boat to save you, collect the yarn and fall into the boat, which you can ride to safety.


    To get the first gem, right above the start, climb the clouds to the left and leap into the portal in the grey block above.

    GOLD YARN LOCATION: The gold yarn is pretty easy to get this time. Take care of the cats, then drop between the “L”-shaped blocks above the water. The moment the yarn is collected, double-jump back up to safety. Unlike most games, you’ll have two jumps after falling. Don’t jump down to get the yarn.

    The third gem can be collected after using lava to reach a false red tree. Against the left wall, there’s an arrow pointing up into what looks like nothing. Double-jump up to the sign and jump into the gray block to see that it’s a fake block.

    Eventually, your friend will find an odd corkscrew of explosive blocks before reaching the exit. To survive this section, step onto the explosive to start a chain reaction. Wait for enough of the bombs to pop that the way is clear, before running across the bombs over the water.

    On the way to the exit, use the upper path of bomb blocks to easily bypass the cats and grab another gem.


    Very little of note in this level. Here, you’ll get a tutorial for drawing boats toward you when they’re out of reach. Stand near the water, and hold [RT] to pull the boat close.

    On the right side, past the waters, you’ll find sludge blocks. These pink blocks will slow your descent while pushing against the wall.

    Partway down the sludge blocks is a portal block. Hop into it to grab a gem.

    GOLD YARN LOCATION: To get the gold yarn, look for a lava block below and to the right of the exit. On the exit “island” section, use the single lower cloud to find a path of fake blocks leading to the gem.

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