BattleBlock Theater Walkthrough & Gold Yarn Locations Guide

Table of Contents

  • Insane Mode Video Walkthrough
  • Chapter 1: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 1: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 2: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 2: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 3: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 3: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 4: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 4: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 5: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 5: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 6: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 6: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 7: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 7: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 8: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 8: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 1


    To cross the water, double-jump across to the cloud block underneath a series of explosive blocks. Touch the bomb above the cloud to set the bombs popping, until the boat drops down into the water.

    With the boat in the water, draw the boat toward your friend with [RT] and ride it safely across.

    Ahead, you’ll find poles stuck against walls. Hold [RT] to cling to the poles and climb up or down. Past the poles, you’ll learn that [RT] can also push or pull certain items, like boats. Push the boat into the water and ride across.

    GOLD YARN LOCATION: Look above the water to find a laser block hitting an unexploded bomb block. Across the gap there’s a cat throwing balls. Pop the explosive block to kill the cat, making it easy to jump over to the cat’s position and grab the yarn.

    To find a hidden gem, brush up against the green block wall after crossing a section of alternating cloud blocks. If you push against the left wall, you’ll fall through a fake block. Run right and jump up into the portal to reach the gem.

    The very last gem is found against the right wall of the level. Jump past the exit and onto the gray blocks. You’ll fall through the fake blocks and immediately find a gem.


    The first gem is collecting by dropping through dark gray fake blocks above and to the left of some cloud blocks.

    You’ll also find a laser block. These blocks shoot a deadly beam straight forward that’s blocked by any item or block.

    The orange block stopping this first laser is a fake. Drop down through it to discover the first secret level.

    Beware spike blocks! These blocks will, simply, kill your friend if he touches them. These traps can be found on the floor, on the walls, and embedded in ceilings.

    Against the right wall, there are two lasers and a jetpack. Use two blasts of the jetpack to reach cloud, and save one final use to grab the gem above the platform.

    GOLD YARN LOCATION: Use the poles to reach the top right corner with lasers and clouds filling the space. Wait for the laser to cut off, then run right to drop down into the safe space where the friend can walk through the cloud and fall down toward the gold yarn.

    Using the lava block to continue left, you’ll find a cat. The cat will retreat with the gem. You’ll need to kill the cat to collect another gem.


    To cross the water directly to the right, you’ll need a boat. To get that much-needed utility, climb the clouds and jump right. Use [RT] to drag the boat over the clouds – you’ll see that boats will fall through cloud blocks.

    GOLD YARN LOCATION: For the gold yarn, you’ll need to use the portal found underneath a cloud block through the ice pathway. Navigate the water to reach the portal.

    Through the portal, you’ll find a winding line of bomb blocks. Set off one and wait until the bombs have reached their rightmost turn and begin to explode downward. Jump for the blocks and ride them down before dashing left to grab that yarn.

    Moving up near the left wall, you’ll find a line of three cloud blocks. Jump through the center cloud to find fake blocks hiding a gem.

    Jump past the exit and fall into the lava block to bounce up. Double-jump and fall back down to find the last gem.


    Right above the exit, you’ll see a lava block with gold yarn right below a portal. Be on the lookout for portals, naturally.

    Simply drag the boat down into the water above the waters to jump up and pop the bomb block, making another easy gem to collect.

    GOLD YARN LOCATION: Gold yarn is easy to find here. Use the boat to cross the purple water and jump up onto the ice blocks sharing an orange spring. Jump across the spring to the blue portal above the single water block in the corner of the small isolated area.


    Each finale is especially tough – you’ll be under a tight time-limit to complete the tricky puzzles and platforming.

    Starting the finale, don’t run right – there are two cats throwing explosive disks. These can be very tricky to dodge, so skip them entirely. Jump up and left to reach a fan block that’ll launch the friend across the cats’ kill zone.

    Past the cats is a question-mark sign. Jump above it to touch the easily-missed bomb blocks above, setting off a chain reaction and dropping a boat into the water.

    Ahead, you’ll find an orange spring. Use it, but don’t stand on the second orange spring, it’ll launch the friend right into spikes!

    GOLD YARN LOCATION: To get the gold yarn, run by the two security cats and drop down onto a line of conveyor blocks, moving the friend through fake blocks. Jump onto the moving fuzzy block, and grab the valuable yarn.

    There are two extra gems near the exit block. But, beware, there’s more. Stepping into the exit block will take the friend to the second part of this finale. The timer will reset, but there are even more challenges.

    Don’t worry! The ghosts won’t bite. They’re here to look spooky.

    GOLD YARN LOCATION: For that gold yarn, simply drop down onto the conveyor right past the visible yarn. Right it right to discover fake blocks, leading to a portal.

    At the end of the path, grab the glowing key to complete your first chapter. This is just the beginning, be prepared for things to get a lot tougher.

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