BattleBlock Theater Walkthrough & Gold Yarn Locations Guide

Table of Contents

  • Insane Mode Video Walkthrough
  • Chapter 1: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 1: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 2: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 2: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 3: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 3: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 4: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 4: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 5: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 5: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 6: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 6: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 7: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 7: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 8: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 8: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 2


    Use the floating blocks (with the gem!) to cover the lasers, then use the highest to double-jump right. Grab hold of the pole and be on your way up.

    To get a tough gem, pull the boat into the cloud blocks past the pair of security cats. Time your pull between laser blasts, and jump away at the last minute. Use [RT] to draw in the boat and sail to that gem.

    GOLD YARN LOCATION: This yarn is found to the right after dropping down the shaft of sludge blocks. Simply deal with the security cats and get by the spikes to collect the yarn. To sneak up behind the first cat, break the bomb block and use the lava block to double-jump through the cloud. Then you can push the cat into the spikes.

    To the left, use the floating block and place it in the beam’s path to safely continue forward.


    GOLD YARN LOCATION: Climb the fuzzy floating blocks until you find a laser and a warning sign. Wait for a trapped green fuzzy to near the bomb block above, then touch it as it moves toward to blow the bomb. Use the lava to jump up to the freed fuzzy, and ride it right to reach the alcove with the yarn.

    Don’t miss the gem over a bubble-blowing cat guard. After walking through the portal, grab the helicopter power-up and carefully get behind the kitty. Give him an aerial attack, then a shove to drop the cat into the water, making it safe to cross the remainder of the gap.

    After dropping through a path full of tree cut-outs, you’ll land near some ice. To the right, there are six green fake blocks hiding a gem.

    Further right, jump into the lava block as the beam stops. It’ll push your little friend through the fans.

    Before leaving, you’ll have to deal with two cat guards shooting ice blasts in series of two. To stay safe, stick to the right side and take out the cat guard above with three jump-attacks.

    The ice isn’t lethal, so stand still! Don’t move when you’re frozen, it’s very easy to accidentally drop into the water below.


    Through the floating blocks and lasers, you’ll drop down to an area with a visible golden yarn collectible. Step onto the green blocks to the left to see that they’re actually fake! You’ll fall down and grab an easy gem.

    Climb the cloud blocks, check out a corner to the right. Here, you’ll find a gem protected by a deadly monster! This raccoon-moose creature will chase down your friend and eat him if you get close. They’re fairly slow, and they can be jumped over.

    If you’re ever stuck, lead them around until they get tired – giving you a few seconds to get around them.

    When you’re stopped by water, climb the turret blocks and touch the bomb block at the top. This will set off a series of explosions that will, eventually, drop a boat into the water. Use it to reach the exit.

    GOLD YARN LOCATION: But wait! Use the boat to sail past the exit, then jump to the portal to the right. It leads right to that wonderful yarn. Jump back into the portal above quickly before the bomb block explodes and drops you into spikes.


    The first gem floats impossibly over water. To grab it, pull the first floating block back, then push the second floating block over the water. Circle around and use this stepping stone to grab the gem.

    Continuing right and up, you’ll find a security cat near a turret block. To the right of the turret is a spiked block. If you’re very careful, you can actually use this block to reach the gem.

    Jump and land on the very edge of the spiked block to avoid setting the trap off. Take care of the cat first if you’re going to use this method.

    Don’t miss the gem in the floating block maze. Halfway through, you should spot a blue line above a maroon block. Jump through the fake block to reach the gem.

    Near the end of the maze, look for a gem protected by a security cat throwing explosive paper planes. The flying planes aren’t lethal, but the explosions are. They’ll only explode on the ground.

    GOLD YARN LOCATION: At the top of the theater area, you should find a jetpack. There are two pits of spikes – the first contains a gem, the second contains yarn. Save one of your three jetpack charges to snatch the collectible.

    Before reaching the exit, you’ll meet a new cat guard. He shoots foam darts forward that stick to walls. They’re nonlethal, and they can be used to gain extra height. While stuck to the wall, you can jump on them and reach the area above.

    Don’t miss the gem! Use the darts to reach the upper area, take care of the cat, and grab that gem. This will also completely bypass the water traps.


    Prepare for another grueling finale! Leap into the portal to the right, grab the floating block on the other side and push it over the spikes. Go back through the portal and use the floating block to continue out of this starting room.

    Use the orange spring and lava to climb up, and jump onto the cloud as soon as you see it.

    GOLD YARN LOCATION: This one is tricky. Over the maroon water, there are black fuzzy moving blocks forming a bridge while a cat throws orange balls. Jump onto the ball as it lands below the yarn directly above the moving platforms. You can reach a yellow pole to hang off, then leap to the yarn.

    To get past the spikes (with the gem!) ahead, jump through the clouds and drop down near the fan over the ice. You’ll shoot through the spikes. Fight the urge to jump, let your own momentum take you through.

    Continuing, you’ll reach two gems over a floor of orange springs. Wait on any of these, and you’ll be launched into the spikes on the ceiling. Don’t stand still, just keep running! To continue on the main path, use the orange spring one space lower than the rest.

    Get to the exit by running across the hologram blocks and pushing the floating block one space left. The holograms will shut down, allowing your friend to jump to the lava blocks in the water and bounce up to the exit.

    Most of the second level is completely straightforward, with few sneaky traps.

    GOLD YARN LOCATION: After crossing maroon water on a black fuzzy platform, you should spot two fans underneath the yarn. Fans, when their backsides are unobstructed, can be shut on or off. Hit both buttons on the underside of the fans then use the lava block under the cloud to collect the yarn.

    Dropping down path two lava blocks, you’ll land in a pit with a line of bomb blocks. There are three spikes, between the first two is a yellow pole. Jump up and climb the pole to discover a fake block at the top hiding a gem.

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