BattleBlock Theater Walkthrough & Gold Yarn Locations Guide

Table of Contents

  • Insane Mode Video Walkthrough
  • Chapter 1: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 1: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 2: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 2: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 3: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 3: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 4: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 4: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 5: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 5: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 6: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 6: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 7: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 7: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 8: Scenes 1 – 5
  • Chapter 8: Scenes 6 – Finale
  • Chapter 3


    Near the start, brush against the bomb blocks near the top of the whole construction to use them as a stepping stone to jump onto the turret.

    Down the left wall, don’t forget to shut off the fans before trying to cross them. Otherwise you’ll get a sharp surprise.

    At the bottom, you’ll need to collect wings and run away from a monster. Try to jump over the sludge blocks, they’ll slow you down. But only once! Don’t waste those wings.

    Up the stairs of spikes, look in the upper corner to find an alcove of fake blocks hiding a gem.

    Another gem is located under the bridge of clouds, guarded by a cat. You’ll need to keep the wings for this. Use them sparingly and wait to fly up between cat throws.

    GOLD YARN LOCATION: Above the turret and past the steps of spikes, you’ll find the yarn protected by spikes at every corner. It looks like you’ll need wings – but no! Just run across the bomb blocks to collect this one. There are two fake blocks, making this appear more difficult that it actually is.

    The next puzzle is tricky. You need to reach a ledge, but it’s too high. Pull the floating block to the left and leave it underneath the middle spike block. Wait for the laser to cease, then jump across the spike, push the block to the last remaining space to the left, then use it as a stepping stone to reach the high blocks above.


    Look for the orange blocks above while crossing the rocket lift platforms. Those are fake blocks. Ride a lift in to grab your first gem.

    GOLD YARN LOCATION: Save your wing power-up after passing through the vertical chamber with lasers shooting down from the top. At the bottom, look up for a line of white blocks between orange. The white blocks are fake – fly up through them to grab the yarn.

    Below, you’ll encounter a new enemy. The robot launches homing missiles, and he can’t be destroyed. Blowing up the robot will only give you a moment’s peace. It’s best to lead a single missile out of visual range, then let it collide with a wall. Then you’ll be safe to fly across the gauntlet to the left.


    GOLD YARN LOCATION: This is found right at the start. Jump across the water and ice to reach the gold yarn. You’ll have to land on a button that releases lasers, but these aren’t too difficult to manage.

    There’s an easy gem to the right of the start. Right the fuzzy platform through the fake blocks right.

    For two hidden gems, there’s a pole on the left side where you’ll pass a visible blue portal and a cloud above it. The block to the left of the portal is fake. Jump through it to enter a small area with two gems.


    To find a secret level, play the level until you cross through a series of lasers that can be blocked off with holographic blocks. Through the portal, you’ll appear in an area with a cat shooting darts across to a wall. Use the darts to reach the alcove above, then jump onto the green cardboard bush.

    GOLD YARN LOCATION: Above the missile robot, there are four white blocks. These are fakes. Use the wings to fly over the bot and through, just remember to hold left as you fall and fly back up! There are fans trying to push unlucky players into spikes.


    Another finale! Let’s get started. Step onto the orange spring to fly by the spikes. Drop down for the gem, just remember to jump and double-jump to avoid death.

    Move the floating block ahead to drop the cat into the water, then jump up to the poles and climb across the water.

    Ahead, use the orange springs to climb up. Watch out for hazards, the first spring will send you into spikes if you don’t make a jump beforehand to slow down your momentum. The second spring bounces you into lava.

    GOLD YARN LOCATION: Use the spring at the top to fly into the clouds and move the floating block off the generator, killing the cat at the top. Now you can drop down to the bottom left corner to collect a jetpack and fly up the narrow path to grab this yarn.

    Above, run across the rocket lifts but stop at the second to last. Ride this one up to safety!

    The holographic block puzzle ahead seems confusing. Just know that when you reach the portal down the right side, you’ll appear behind the floating block. Move it off the generator, then step back through the portal to drop down and continue.

    To get to the exit, climb the upper path and drop down to the left of the exit. Move the floating block onto the generator, then wait on the bomb block to use the lava below to get back up top.

    Now you can move right, turn off the fans, and run to the exit.

    For the first puzzle of the second level, move the floating block onto the generator to drop down, then move it back onto the generator. Now you can safely enter the portal on the right.

    To get the second gem, you’ll find two orange springs. Skip the first one and stand on the second. It’ll launch you into lava, which will send the friend into the gem. You’ll land on the deadly first spring though, so jump to avoid it.

    Past the turret, you’ll find an orange spring. Let it launch you, but don’t move the thumbstick at all. Your natural momentum is enough to get through the spikes alive.

    To get rid of the grenade cat, turn off the gray fan, then turn off the yellow fan. Now circle around and turn the gray fan on again. The grenades will fly back into the cat’s face, shutting off the holographic blocks.

    GOLD YARN LOCATION: To get the second yarn, lure the monster to the left, wait for it to get tired, then go for the yarn by running through the clouds.

    Get by the monster and you’re free to get the key.

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