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Operation Metro

This location is modeled after Paris, France in the not-so-distant future and split into three distinct urban territories that include city streets, a public park and an underground subway station. When moving across the entire map, the battle starts in the park, descends into the subway systems and finally comes to a head in the streets of Paris.

In the park, the combat zone will be spacious and have various small offerings of natural cover scattered throughout such as bushes, trees and rock formations. The ground is uneven for the most part, effecting your aim while firing on the run and allowing for frequent escape opportunities over hills. There are also wooden bridges, statues and stone walls stretching around the perimeter of this section of the map.

In the subway area, the battleground is cluttered and confined to tight spaces such as train cars, narrow platforms and cramped locker rooms. There are a countless number of cover-points to hide behind and rooms to duck into which encourages you to stay on the run in between obstacles rather than post up in a sniping spot. This section of the map also offers tactical vantage points from escalators, phone booths and on the subway tracks.

The streets of Paris are a balanced combination of wide-open territory that allows for strategic positioning and obstacle courses of cover that take you off the beaten path. The upper floors of the surrounding buildings have balconies and windows that can be accessed for superior vantage points, but these areas can become easy targets themselves once a sniper makes himself known. There are also parked cars and billboards to hide behind and rooftops to run across in this section of the map.

Hints and Tips

  • M-Com Locations in the Park
    1. At the foot of the bridge by the satellite.
    2. Near the green walls by the satellite.
  • M-Com Locations in the Subway Station
    1. The bathroom.
    2. In front of the red wall across from the subway cars by the graffiti and fire extinguisher.
    3. Outside the locker room by the metal detectors.
    4. Behind the counter in the room surrounded by broken windows across from the orange seats.
  • M-Com Locations on the City Streets
    1. By the white van behind the bus.
    2. Within the building on the corner behind the orange and white umbrellas.
  • In the park, you can earn a string of kills with the sniper rifle by laying down in the tall grass at the top of a hill. This will keep you concealed while maintaining your line of sight on the enemies below.
  • In the subway’s lower level, weave left and right through the tunnel walls and doors of the train while moving forward to your next destination. This will prevent enemies ahead or in pursuit from keeping their crosshairs trained on you.
  • In the subway’s upper level, stay out of the open area in the middle unless you are in the process of protecting or attacking the M-Com. There are too many hallways and entry points in the surrounding walls for enemies to suddenly emerge from.
  • On the streets of Paris, use the umbrellas and awnings as cover from snipers perched in the windows above, then run into the nearest doorway to escape them altogether.
  • In the park, avoid the paved pathways at all costs when moving across the area as they provide little cover and are usually downhill from vantage points that enemies could use to easily take you out.
  • Based on the average distance from enemies because of the area’s layout, long-range weapons such as the sniper rifle are most effective in the park and close-range weapons like the shot gun work best in the subway. On the streets of Paris use long-range weapons when moving through the streets or squares and equip close-range weapons when heading into a building.

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10 Comments on Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Beta Guide


On September 29, 2011 at 11:41 pm

Beta is alot of fun except the beginning part of Metro. Can’t walk in a straight line more than 10 steps without glitching into the ground. Subway part is sweet tho.


On September 30, 2011 at 4:32 pm

Missing from the guide, spawn, die, spawn, die, spawn, die.
Same pros at the top of the boards every round, camping all the choke points.
I did okay, but after about 5 rounds I was as bored with it as I am with just about every other $60-$5 MP FPS new and old, just nothing new here, other than the name, its BF with a 3, new skins, locations, engine. Cool but not excited, definitely not worth the price tag, I’ll be keeping my full $60 looking for a future $10 or less sale for SP only. Enjoy your MP DLC.

Brandon J. Clark

On September 30, 2011 at 8:46 pm

G.A.R.B.A.G.E – The Internets are far more useful in pointing out the depressed than any other “useful” angle I’ve ever heard of.


On October 1, 2011 at 6:50 am

^ The internets are far more useful in easily pointing out personal attacks conducted by trolls.

Brandon J. Troll has me pegged. Yes I’m depressed with FPS and BF3 multiplayer. Its like every other stupid ing FPS sequel or wannabe sequel FPS out. And troll, so you know, it seems the usefulness of my anti depressant medications are as overly exaggerated, as a 3rd time regurgitated multiplayer FPS, and the brainless zomg!!zobiefied!! lemmings that still cream their little panties for them as if they were awaiting yet another Justin Bieber release.
Maybe its all not so bad. Maybe its not the repetitiveness or lack of innovation or change or the s playing, its probably just like most everything else I did growing up that was pointless and stupid, I grew out of doing it.


On October 1, 2011 at 7:53 am

I have been a huge fan and advocate of the battlefield franchise, however I do not see the point of this article. Metro is a bad choice for them to give us to show off what battlefield can do. All it does is show how they can confine firefight to be more like other run and gun shooters.

I think it is rediculous that they have 100 Caspian Border servers for the pc and you can’t ever get into one, furthermore, you need to enter a password. What is the point of a password when you know it? Take off the darn password. Also, they need to let all of us try out the map. Caspian Border could have showed me what Battlefield 3 is all about and what I have been waiting for since Bf2 and 2142. Bad Company 2 is a great game as well but the MP isn’t like what it could be.

Sadly I purchased a new $300 graphics card and updated a couple other components to really enjoy this game on the pc, however I am disaointed by thier choice of a map and now my pre-order is gonig to go to the PS3 version.

The PS3 version is a smoother gaming experience and a lot funner. On the pc version you just spawn, die, spawn die.

You cannot change any settings in the game untill you spawn after you start the game from the rediculous Origin software/ browser( even though its useful for stats).

Even 32 players is too much to cram into this small map for the PC version which is supposed to be the LEAD version…I now doubt that.


How about a real article from someone like FILEFRONT to really tell the truth about how rediculous the PC Beta really is? Tell the truth. It seems that they may PAY YOU to write good articles.

I have played battlefield since 1942 including ALL expansion packs, Vietnam, BF2, 2142, 1943, BC(ps3) BC2 (pc and ps3) and this is by far the most UNFUN I have ever had in this game.

I have waited for years to upgrade my PC for BF3 and so far its a let down. The ps3 version is a lot more fun. I get a possitive k/d ratio compared to 1 kills and 10 deaths from spawn dying and lack of teamwork on the pc.


On October 1, 2011 at 6:33 pm

Pick a number and stand in line over at the official Web Browserfield 3 Feedback Forums along with the many many disappointed others.

Brandon J. Clark

On October 3, 2011 at 5:01 am

Dude, get a life…… I’m sorry your upset a lot of other people have fun playing these games so get ed.

Kelly Nash

On October 6, 2011 at 5:05 pm

Haven’t played the beta but I saw a video of the beta and it was a little bugy especially when people went prone but I am looking forward to playing this game once all the bugs are worked out.


On October 13, 2011 at 1:42 am

G.A.R.B.A.G.E – Hey, I played BF3 and I range from 2nd to last place in my team so I don’t know what you’re talking about. Also in terms of competitiveness, I’ve got a far lower reaction time than most people in the fps world since I began with RPGs and then moved on to MMOs but I did push through a choke-point with 2 squads and all I had to do was resurrect like 20 times. We killed, we won, and I got first place with a 4:10 ratio. I don’t know what you’re talking about with “pros” and “competitiveness”, maybe you shouldn’t just run in and expect everyone to die at the very sight of you. :|


On November 26, 2011 at 8:18 pm

I love this game, it offers soooo much more than MW3!!Theres still allot of glitches that need to be worked on but I expect them to be ironed out very soon. I found a bf3 guide for multiplayer here if you wanna check it out