Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth DLC – Levolutions Guide

Learn how to change the playing field with EA’s patented “levolutions” in the Dragon’s Teeth DLC for Battlefield 4. These four maps bring lots of changes to the table, and even add unique types of levolutions that can be reversed. Alter the maps and wreck your opponents’ carefully planned strategies by activating the destructive events listed below.

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Dragon’s Teeth DLC – Levolutions Guide

The Dragon’s Teeth DLC adds four new maps. Only two of these maps included “traditional” levolutions, but there are still events and hazards in every map we’ll list below.

Lumphini Garden

To activate the destructive mud slide in the gardens, travel south and look for the dam control panels beneath the water tower in the distance. There are two pressure valves you’ll need to interact with on the dam wall itself — swim to each platform to find the controls. There is an “A” valve and a “B” valve.

On the raised tram platforms, travel along the tracks and look inside the abandoned cars to find a detonator. Activating it will destroy a large section of the bridge, cutting players and snipers off from the high ground. There’s also another detonator further down the bridge.

Pearl Market

So far, no major levolutions have been discovered in the Pearl Market. Under the “C” flag there is a button inside that lowers metal shutters, closing off one entrance into the structure.


Down the center of the map a train passes down the tracks every so often (estimated 1-2 minutes) that destroys anything in its pass.

That includes armored vehicles, players… helicopters? Whatever is in the way. This train is an automatic hazard that is not activated by the player.

Sunken Dragon

This levolution is activated from a control tower over-looking the lake with the floating restaurant. There’s a grey terminal with several screens and two red buttons on the top floor.

Included in this levolution is the destruction of the floating restaurant. Once the water is lowered, the restaurant will break apart, changing the layout of the building permanently.

From this terminal you can control the water level in the lake. Unlike other levolutions, this can be activated and deactivated at will. The water can be drained, then the lake can be re-filled using the same control terminal.

There’s a long timer between each use of the lake’s water lock system. While the lake is drained, soldiers and ground-based vehicles can traverse the muddy lake bed no problem — just watch out for enemy players flooding the area again.

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