Battlefield 4 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Baku
  • Shanghai
  • South China Sea
  • Singapore
  • Kunlun Mountains
  • Tashgar
  • Suez

  • Tashgar

    Get ready for the hardest mission in the campaign. Meeting up with more American soldiers, your squad will leave to find their commanding officer, but the road to her HQ is guarded by soldiers, tanks, and turrets.

    In the first enemy encounter, the tank is the deadliest threat. You only have access to C4, mines, and a few rocket turrets. Ignore the turrets – instead, drop all your mines on the road to the left of the tallest building.

    The tank will drive down the road to the main gate, before turning around and always patrolling down the street to the left. Mining that street will make easy work of it, and make the rest of the area much easier to deal with.

    With the tank gone, climb up onto the roof and mark soldiers surrounding the exit gate. Scan the area with the Tactical Visor. To the left of the gate, you’ll find an Anti-Aircraft Tank. Watch out for the rocket emplacements if you plan on using this thing.

    Continue through the empty streets to the next set of gates, across the fields. The next enemy encounter isn’t until your squad reaches the bridge leading into Old Town.

    The soldiers and vehicles outside the bridge are already embroiled in combat with Americans on the bridge. Many of the enemy are hiding in a tall building overlooking the bridge. Start here – collect a rocket launcher as soon as possible from a dead soldier, or from the roof.

    Use the launchers on the roof to take out the tank sitting on the main road. These launchers can be good for clearing out the two story building full of soldiers across the street, too – one rocket through a door or window will kill or leave the bad guys exposed.

    Fight onto the bridge and clear the rest of the troops to enter Old Town. The streets are filled with exhausted soldiers – work up to the command HQ to get your next objective. It’s time to blow up a dam.

    After she opens the door out back, board the armored car to arrive at the dam entrance.

    The weapons crate is on a ruin on the hills ahead. Once again, a DMR or a Sniper Rifle will do wonders for this area – contacts will appear at long range, and come at you with snipers of their own.

    Recon the area ahead. A guard patrols near the watch tower. Melee him and the guy in the tower to keep from alerting the soldiers below, then you can easily ambush them.

    The white buildings, with sandbags, contain machine gun emplacements. A Sniper Rifle will make dealing with those a cinch. The enemy AI loves getting on these guns – they’ll continue to use it and make themselves a very easy target.

    Use the Grenade Launchers or Rocket Launchers you gathered in the previous section to blast through the concrete fence below for an easy shortcut into the dam.

    Save a few rockets or grenades for the enemy chopper that arrives as you near the two-story building on the dam itself. Just beyond the shipping crates, climb up the steps to the catwalk and drop down to continue deeper across the top of the dam.

    Across the shipping crate barrier, there are two paths to take. Go up the left path to get a good overlook of the bad guys below.

    Enter the elevator at the end of the lower road to ride into the dam. When the doors open, resupply at the crate and move down the hall. Soldiers will arrive in single-file, making them easy targets.

    Around the corner, look down to find the white circle, signifying where you’ll place a charge.

    Outside, things get a lot trickier. Follow the narrow scaffolding path and watch the concrete ridges where enemy soldiers are taking cover. Past these, guards will appear on the tall scaffolding ahead.

    Mark the targets, pick them off with accurate rifle fire, then move to follow the ramps upwards. Finally, the path will cease when there’s a long gap in the platforms.

    No, don’t try to jump it. Wait for the squad, then you’ll pull out the C4 trigger. Set it off, and wait – the dam will come crashing down.

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