Best Minecraft Videos of 2010

Thanks to its extensive replay value and nearly unlimited possibilities, Minecraft became one of the sleeper hits of the year. Coded in Java by Swede Markus Persson, the title took the intertubes by storm in mid-May, causing gamers the world over to abandon their lovingly rendered next-gen titles and delve into a world of full chunky, bitmapped blocks. Once they arrived in that world, they let their imaginations run wild, taking advantage of the game‘s robust sandboxing and world-building options to craft all sorts of epic creations. We’ve compiled videos of the year’s best. Check ‘em out!

Big River

The most amusing part of this video is the sheer delight with which its creators greet the titular torrent of water. “DAMN THIS IS EPIC WATER,” effuses one of them in chat. The whole thing is imbued with the kind of unrestrained glee usually reserved for epic, come-from-behind sports victories. In fact, it’s just a bunch of guys watching a digitized flash flood. Also, you gotta love the fact that the river was pre-seeded with a boat and a shark before they actually let the water in.

A Conflagration of LOL

There’s really nothing better than videos of guys with nasal voices trying to demonstrate their expertise at something, only to fail spectacularly. The great irony of this video is the fact that the creator makes it because people are purportedly asking him for advice on how to manage fire in Minecraft. They should really re-think that approach. The sound of this dude’s rueful nerd-brogue as he watches results of his handiwork is truly gut-busting.

Your Favorite Games Go Minecraft

If there’s one thing that gamers will never, ever get enough of, it’s the pants-wetting delight of seeing their favorite old-school games recreated inside other games! I mean really — what could be better than that? Thanks to Minecraft’s infinite customizability, enterprising people have been hard at work re-rendered old favorites with the help of the game’s block-tastic engine.

Minecraft Recreation of Doom

The striking thing about this video is how much this actually resembles Doom. You know technology has come a long way when you can use a deliberately low-fi Java game to recreate 1993′s cutting-edge graphics, all from the comfort of your parent’s basement.

Minecraft Recreation of Bioshock

This is actually quite impressive. Instead of just sitting around and pondering what a terrible game Bioshock 2 was, Penny Arcade community member Ein decided to craft something epic — a stunningly faithful recreation of the city of Rapture, Minecraft-style. Starting with the game’s distinctive intro, this pair of videos takes you through most of the game’s important junctures, including the unforgettable confrontation with Andrew Ryan himself.

Reconstructing of Real Life

Considering the number of beloved Nintendo heroes out there, it comes as something as a surprise that people ever got around to recreating other, less retro-awesome things. They did, though, and with some aplomb.

Notre Dame

Gotta love the “ecclesiastical metal” soundtrack on this one. Medieval architects designed their towering cathedrals in order to awe parishioners and make them fear the glory of God; lessening their time in purgatory was a fringe benefit. This user created his cathedral in order to awe the people on YouTube — viral video is quickly overtaking Christianity as the world’s most popular religion, after all. And if he’s not rewarded in the afterlife for all the time spent making this, the Man Upstairs has some ‘splaining to do.


As seat of the German parliament, the Reichstag has had a long and colorful history. First, it was burnt down in 1933 by a Dutch anarchist. Then it was bombed during WWII. More recently, it was wrapped in silver cloth by Christo, then rebuilt by the German government, which installed a snazzy new glass dome on top. All of these dramatic developments pale in comparison to the honor it receives in this video: being recreated in Minecraft!

Empire State Building

This video doesn’t feature the kind of extensive ogling that some of the other Minecraft architectural models are subject to, but the sheer scale of the building is definitely impressive. If you’re going to spend hours of your life recreating buildings in a computer program, shouldn’t they at least be obvious phallic symbols?

16-Bit ALU

This video represents some sort of philosophical paradox. The guy used a computer to build a computer! You can’t argue with the design skills and technical know-how involved, but you do have to wonder if he’s seen a vagina in person since he popped out of the womb.


I’ll admit it: I spent a lot of time back in the day playing Rollercoaster Tycoon. There was something about maintaining that precious balance between “thrilling” and “nauseating” that never got old. I’m thinking that the creator of this video did too, and he used his leftover ‘coaster-design skills to cook up this baby. Somehow, the lack of a physics engine makes it seem all the more dangerous.

Recreation of Earth

Some people think small. Other people think big. Why settle for a building, when you can Minecraft yourself an entire planet? This video defines epic, and I particularly like the scaffolding-type structure that’s holding Earth in place. It’s as if some over-tanned politician’s wife is about to break a bottle of Dom Perignon over the Yucatan Penninsula and shout “Bon Voyage!”

Warp Factor Five

You guys knew this was coming, didn’t you? For sheer scale, ambition, and crushing deployment of OCD in the service of something completely useless, this video really can’t be beat. Also, the guy’s voice sounds exactly like you’d expect it to. Enjoy! And “Live Long and Prosper,” while you’re at it, I guess.

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