To Protect And Unnerve: The 9 Best Skyrim Armor Mods

Medusa Armor (female only)
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This female-only, high-resolution set of armor is designed for both style and function, and has the added benefit of making your character look just like the Gorgon Medusa (hence the name.) If you love Clash of the Titans and pretending to turn people into stone with a glance, this is the protective gear for you. It can be found within one of the game’s tougher ruins, or forged by your own hand, provided you have the prerequisite skills. But don’t worry, you won’t be required to piss off the Goddess Athena.


Raven Witch Armor (female only )
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Like the Medusa set, the Raven Witch Armor comprises of a high-resolution set of armor for female warriors. Unlike the aforementioned set, the Raven Witch Armor set is designed for characters who prefer stealth over brute force. Or based on the mask in the image above, 18th century Italian parties.


Magical Equipment
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The Magical Equipment mod adds big books that can be carried on your back, a couple of scroll quivers, smaller books positioned on the lower back, and a few wearable weapons. Kind of like the usual kit needed for cosplayers at Comic Con.


Vanguard Armor
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This armor has rugged Nordic feel but with a touch of knightly nobility reminscent of the knights of the south, in Tamrielic lore, via heavy beaten platemail, colored leather, and robe elements.

The set, the first of its kind, offers a helmet that opens and closes its visor automatically. When you enter a combat stance, the visor will lower automatically for theoretical added protection in battle. When you aren’t fighting, the visor is raised for better visibility—and also to see your character’s face.

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