Bethesda Says Skyrim Patch in the Works For All Platforms

Bethesda is working to patch The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on all platforms, meant to address as many bugs as the developer can nail down.

The info on the patch comes from Pete Hines, Bethesda’s chief of marketing and public relations, through his Twitter account. He said the team is working hard on it (and mentioned that perturbed fans should “calm down” as it “has only been three days” since the game‘s launch.

PC players have reported issues with framerate and freezes with Skyrim, as well as general complaints about the console-like user interface. Texture problems appear to be occurring for console players, specifically when the game is installed on the Xbox 360′s hard drive.

If you’re encountering problems with Skyrim, Hines suggests you hit Bethesda’s website and report them using this form.

Via Eurogamer.

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8 Comments on Bethesda Says Skyrim Patch in the Works For All Platforms


On November 15, 2011 at 12:12 pm

Yeah people really freak out when the game doesn’t live up to the ‘hype’ and their expectations. It may have some texture issues at times. Menu interface for the PC version has a lot to be desired. But damn this game is fun! Instead of nitpicking the game apart without spending some quality time interacting with it, give it some time. When I loaded the game up first time I was a little taken back. After a few hours in the world, exploring, fighting etc, I realized that this did in fact live up to MY expectations. Give it a few months for a few patches to be released. Then give it 6 more for some bad ass mods to start pouring in, and anyone who dropped $60 on this will then say its one of the best deals this year :P


On November 15, 2011 at 2:14 pm

I just paid £40 on this game it keeps crashing to desktop. It is unplayable. I understand it has only been 3 days but i think telling fans to “calm down” is a quite frankly patronising. Sureley most of these issues could have been ironed out during testing! It’s just another example of a games company rushing a release so they can get it out for the holidays.


On November 16, 2011 at 9:01 am

Most crashes are driver related, i keep getting this crash that driver has stopped working but has recovered ( I noticed this only happened on OCing my GPU while i turn off OC the game works fine )and other issues are related to audio properties, just change the audio quality to 24 bit Studio Quality 44100Hz, also the animations for running and jumping are rather bad, the Resolutions of textures are also not up to modern games… but the game is worth every pany gamplay wise.

Hendo Itchy

On November 18, 2011 at 12:56 am

Seriously, if you are having CTD’s on this game it’s not the developers fault it’s your lack of knowledge and inexperience using a computer, my guess is you are using a 2 year old graphics driver, or your system sound settings are not configured properly, or you have 84 processes running in the background, or you’ve overclocked your system, or you have garbage “Tune up” programs and 14 anti-virus programs running, you’ve never cleaned your registry or defraged your hard drive and the last time you updated windows or installed anything from the “redist” folder was in 2004. Seriously people, there are too many configurations of computer parts and OS’s and there are just as many levels of ignorance between the keyboard and the chair, this game is absolutely massive it’s mind blowing, the fact that it’s only 5GB is just silly. AND it has an impeccable modding system that will make sure the game never dies. FFS people are still playing Morrowind mods okay? I had to do some tweaking on this game, I got the large address aware patch and use the +fullproc tweak in the command line, I got some nice texture mods, I killed 2 dragons and got a house. I’ve had ONE Crash to desktop, and it was because I was using an outrageous skyrimprefs.ini that was using obsolete and/or invalid commands. I personally love the Fallout series more than Elder Scrolls (Been playing ES since DaggerFall) but this sucker is GOLDEN. If you don’t like having CTD’s, go buy a PS3/XBOX360 or learn how to f&&&ing use your computer like an adult. How about you don’t buy a Bethesda game when it 1st comes out maybe? I sure wouldn’t! Come on, a game this massive, if they beta tested all the bugs out of it, we wouldn’t be playing it til 2247!

nelson forero

On November 18, 2011 at 7:43 am

bestheda games have always been buggy.I don’t understand how a company can launch a game full of bugs! over and over again! then expect people to wait patiently for a patch. why dont they work out the bugs before launching their games? it will keep the fans happy and your sales healthy


On November 22, 2011 at 11:22 am

I run a high performance system that I bought less than a month ago, have not had problems with any of the games I have been playing, I run Crysis 2 on ultra settings with 60fps. Skyrim, however, has crashed to the desktop without warning more than once every ten minutes. I’ve tried every trick and workaround in the book, and I am still getting crashes. This didn’t happen until steam updated it. Tried reinstalling, and that didn’t help either. Now I am stuck at the main menu because every time I try to play it crashes before it even gets to a loading screen. Don’t tell us to calm down, dude, Bethesda should have delayed the release to fix the vast majority of these issues. I can deal with a crash here and there, although it’s aggravating it’s no big deal. But I have been waiting for this game since the dawn of the Elder Scrolls’ series, and this is a deal breaker.


On November 22, 2011 at 11:51 am

@Hendo Itchy-
It IS the developer’s fault. I have configured my sound settings to the game, which I shouldn’t have to do in the first place, I don’t overclock, I manually tune up my PC, all of my drivers are up to date, I run a GeForce 555M, with 16GB of RAM, and I am very capable of editing an ini file and modding the sh1t out of the game. I have used every fix I know of, and many I found after a lot of research that I didn’t previously know about. The game STILL crashes every few minutes. Not everybody experiencing these issues is computer illiterate and runs a machine from 4 years ago, so stop being an ass and share some of the fixes you’ve found so we can try them and see if it works for us. Granted, no amount of modifications and .ini changes by general users are going to permanently solve these issues, because there will still be developer updates. But the least you could do is share what successes you’ve found rather than bag on people over the internet.


On February 6, 2012 at 2:36 pm

To Hendo Itchy: I submit that it is the developer’s fault. Consider simply that console versions (PS3 for me) of the game have the same constant crashes, lockups, inability to read game saves, etc. etc.

Well, with consoles like the PS3, the user should only need to make sure their system is up-to-date. Nothing more. The developer should test against the current system revisions, AND THEY SHOULD NOT RELEASE IT FOR THE PLATFORM IF IT IS NOT STABLE!

Bethesda and/or the parent ZeniMax, should be refunding everybody’s money, at least for the PS3 version which is riddled with bugs and is effectively unplayable. Someone should be forming class action lawsuits, and not only for this latest piece of garbage called Elder Scroll V: Skyrim. The same lockups, crashes, inability to read save data, slow downs, frame rate issues, etc. were all present in earlier PS3 versions of Elder Scroll games and also throughout their Fallout series games.

When they work–which is the excpetion and not the rule–the games Bethesda ports to PS3 show promise. But none have ever worked correctly upon release and therefore should not have been sold.

I am DONE with Bethesda and ZeniMax. Never again will I purchase any game associated with these entities. But I will continue, endlessly and for as long as I live, bash Bethesda as best I can. Or at least until they decide to give back to me the $240 I spent on four of their PS3 releases which all had, and in most cases continue to have, the same types of problems as with Skyrim.

Everybody at Bethesday should be ashamed of themselves!