Beyond: Two Souls – Bonus Locations & Explorer Trophy Guide

Earn the “Explorer” trophy and get a look into the production of Beyond: Two Souls with these hidden bonuses.

To unlock behind-the-scenes footage or concept art, you’ll need to use the ghostly Aiden to discover swirling blue auras hidden away in many of the game’s chapters. Get them all with our list of collectible locations below.

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Bonus Locations

Note: The last two bonuses required to earn the “Explorer” trophy are unlocked after completing the game.

Bonus #1 – Design Pack 1

  • Location: The Experiment – Fly into the control room and turn left to spot the researcher with an orange aura. Fly past him to find the first bonus on the floor, in the back corner under a desk.

Bonus #2 – Trailer

  • Location: The Embassy – While in the bathroom, fly upstairs and into the large office through the double doors, turn right just as you enter. The bonus is hidden behind a table and chairs.

Bonus #3 – Design Pack 2

  • Location: The Embassy – At the party, look in the entrance flanked by guards where the painting and flags are located. Look around the right corner to find the next bonus.

Bonus #4 – Design Pack 3

  • Location: First Interview – Sitting in the hospital waiting room, fly through the wooden door out into the hallway and immediately turn left to find the bonus.

Bonus #5 – Design Pack 4

  • Location: Hunted – While sneaking near the police barricade with two cops chatting, fly just past the two to find a glowing blue aura in the forest just over the railing.

Bonus #6 – Design Pack 5

  • Location: My Imaginary Friend – Out in the backyard, walk to the bush to your left and switch to Aiden to find another bonus.

Bonus #7 – The Casting

  • Location: The Condenser – In the tunnels, turn right past the ticket gates down the dark hallway. Switch to Aiden and look behind the wrecked counter to find a bonus.

Bonus #8 – Design Pack 6

  • Location: The Condenser – Later on in the freezing labs, try to open the door without a keycard. Before finding the card, turn around and fly into the lab on the right. The bonus is located behind some counters.

Bonus #9 – Design Pack 7

  • Location: Homeless – Enter the alley near where the creep offers Jodie some extra cash. Take a turn left down the path, and use Aiden next to the empty cage.

Bonus #10 – Kara

  • Location: Homeless – Under the bridge, walk over to the ledge with the blue container. The bonus is wedged in the corner, right next to it.

Bonus #11 – Origins

  • Location: First Night – Once again in a test room, use Aiden to fly into the control area where scientists are watching. Fly past the two men and look behind the drawers.

Bonus #12 – Design Pack 8

  • Location: Like Other Girls – In the bar, walk over to the restrooms and use Aiden to check inside the men’s bathroom.

Bonus #13 – Visual Arts

  • Location: Navajo – Walk towards the tree on the far edge of the ranch grounds, near a corner of fence. The bonus is under the shade.

Bonus #14 – Design Pack 9

  • Location: Navajo – Later in the chapter, Jodie will carry a bowl into a canyon. In the corner near a pond, look in the brush past a makeshift fire near the left rock wall.

Bonus #15 – Performance Capture

  • Location: The Dinner – While chatting it up, use Aiden to explore the apartment. Turn around and fly towards the open door leading into the bathroom near the windows and past the stone facade with a plant.

Bonus #16 – Design Pack 10

  • Location: Night Session – After talking to the lead researcher, Jodie will enter a dark room looking for his book. Use Aiden to find the bonus in the back right corner, behind a standing easel.

Bonus #17 – The Gameplay

  • Location: The Mission – Some dialogue will ask Jodie to find something after discussing the target’s last known location. Immediately use Aiden and fly toward the streetlamp. The bonus is located on the building roof to the right of the lamp.

Bonus #18 – Design Pack 11

  • Location: The Mission – Sneaking up on a hole and watching enemies drive by, Aiden will explore the home ahead. Fly into the room past the little boy and look in the right corner.

Bonus #19 – Design Pack 12

  • Location: Norah – In the building, look for room 38. Fly inside with Aiden and look to the right of the sitting resident.

Bonus #20 – Design Pack 13

  • Location: Dragon’s Hideout – Switching to Aiden to explore ahead down the road, watch the ruined buildings to your left. By the fifth or so building, look inside to find a bonus.

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