Binary Domain Walkthrough

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Chapter 1: Hit and Run – Infiltration

  1. You begin Binary Domain as Dan. You and Big Bo are about to infiltrate a facility during the cover of night, in the heavy rain.
  2. The game will introduce you to the voice commands that can be used to communicate with your teammates. Using a mic will let you engage with your teammates with more than simple yes or no answers, but it isn’t a necessity. However, it can make the game feel like you’re actually talking with your squad.
  3. To continue, when Big Bo asks you if you understand how to communicate, hold down “L2”, then choose “I got it”, by pressing “X”.
  4. Next up, Big Bo teaches you how to use your weapons. Accept his request to learn how to shoot. He asks you to look for the sign and fire upon it. Press “triangle” to focus on the sign to the right, then hold “L1” to aim, then “R1” to fire. Keep shooting until the sign disintegrates.
  5. After some praise, you’ll be taught how to reload with “R2” and melee with “square”.
  6. Now it’s time to use your handgun. Press “up” on the d-pad to select it, then press “triangle” again to focus on another sign to the left. Shoot it until it there’s nothing left like the previous sign.
  7. Now it’s time to get on with the mission. For now, follow Big Bo as he cover jumps over a divider. Press “X” to take cover, then hold up the left analog and press “X” again to jump over. Don’t forget to grab the ammunition on the right.
  8. Head over to the train car ahead where you see Big Bo enter. When you make it to the car door, press “circle” to hop in. Walk with Big Bo for a bit through the train. Big Bo asks you some questions about what your plans are after the mission. Hold “L2” and reply to what he has to say.
  9. When you reach the end of the train, Big Bo will kick open the door and jump out. Follow him through, then check out the car on the left with a SECUR-COM on the trunk. Grab it with “circle”.
  10. Head up through the narrow opening with all the rubble. Big Bo will jump down. Jump down as well. Move forward a bit and a cut-scene will ensue.
  11. After the cut-scene, you’ll be under fire. You and Big Bo will both be behind cover. Big Bo will suggest to take out the legs of the enemies. Do so, so they won’t be able to swarm. Also, if you shoot them in the head, they will become disoriented and even shoot their own.
  12. Two more enemies will appear, by being dropped off. Take them out, then move up.
  13. You’ll be faced with some cylinders blocking you. To bypass these cylinders, you’ll need to fire at them with your burst shot. You’ll need bosonic energy to build up the shot. Fallen enemies will drop bosonic canisters. There are also bosonic charging stations you can use. There’s one right next to the white car on the left, emitting pink energy from the center of it’s octagonal shape. Step inside and when you hear a ding, you’ll be fully charged.
  14. Now keep moving forward and fall down where there’s a drop. Good thing there’s cover ahead. Use it and take out the handful of green enemy robots. Keep an eye out for the surveillance bot hovering around with the laser sights. Shoot it down or more enemies will be alerted.
  15. When the coast is clear, move ahead. To the right will be high ground and left, low ground. Take whatever you want, since it will lead into the same place anyway. As you make it to the next piece of cover, a Grand Lancer appears. You can’t take it on right now, so run past it and keep moving away from it as fast as you can down the bridge. Hold “X” to run.
  16. You’ll reach the end of the bridge where you and Big Bo will take cover. Big Bo will go first to jump into the water. After he jumps, follow him. Press “circle” to “swim”. Epic action shot ensues.
  17. You’ll hit the water. You’ll be timed here, so move forward to swim by holding down “X”. Follow Big Bo. Move past the red lights and make a slight left underneath the glowing yellow arrows. A surveillance bot will appear. Hide behind the pillar jutting out from the water. When it leaves, keep following Big Bo.
  18. As you approach the next area, another surveillance bot will fly by. This time there’s no cover, so hold “circle” to dive underneath, narrowly missing being spotted. When it’s gone, let go of “circle” and proceed forward.
  19. Head in-between the floating buoys with the red lights and press “circle” to dive underneath the small opening. Swim right, underneath the flashing yellow arrows and into another area where you’ll need to swim under to move ahead.
  20. On the other side, Big Bo will mention more surveillance bots are up ahead. Sit tight with him until you get the window to move forward. During this section, follow the successive yellow flashing arrows to guide yourself through, to the tanker.
  21. Remember to dive underneath when you think a surveillance bot has a bead on you. Hence, when the lasers are pointed directly at you. At the last pair of yellow flashing arrows, swim underneath, and you’ll attach yourself to the side of the tanker.

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