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Chapter 1: Hit and Run – Where the Tanker Leads

  1. After clinging onto the side of the tanker, you’ll be inside a facility. You’ll see yourself climb a ladder onto a metal dock with yellow railings. Move forward, turn left, then right, then up the small flight of stairs where Big Bo is waiting.
  2. When you get to the top, you’ll be blocked by metal crates, but you’ll be using a grappling gun to go vertical. Press “circle” to use it. You’ll be put into position. Now aim with “L1” and look up. There will be an object highlighted in red for you to shoot. Press “R1” to fire and you’ll zip up onto a platform above.
  3. Follow Big Bo through the room that’s bathed in red light. Don’t forget to grab the “Assault: Vitals Boost I” on the crate to your right, which is for Dan only, and gives Dan an 8% health boost.
  4. Now head up the stairs out of the room and you’ll drop onto another platform leaving the glowing red light behind. As soon as you drop, however, you’ll be under fire, but you’ll be immediately pulled into cover.
  5. This starts the command tutorial. If you want Big Bo to go over this tutorial, hold “L2” and say “sure”.
  6. Big Bo will give you three lessons. “Fire”, “Charge” and “Regroup”, in that order. You’ll need to hold “L2”, make a selection, then let go of “L2”. When you tell Big Bo to fire, he’ll blind fire. Telling him to charge, will have him break out of cover and take the enemies head on. When he finishes taking care of them, try regroup and Big Bo will come back to cover.
  7. Now jump over the crates and move ahead, past the enemies Big Bo just took out. As you move forward along the grated platform, another group of enemies will appear coming out from a sliding door. Take cover and take them out accordingly.
  8. There will be an enemy on the right hand side as well, after a flight of stairs. Take the stairs on the right and if you look immediately to your left, you’ll find a SECUR-COM. Now turn around and Big Bo will take note of the elevator. He’ll bust open the door using a shoulder charge and he’ll instruct you to push the button on the panel to activate the elevator.
  9. You can press “triangle” to focus on the panel, if you’re not sure where it is. When you’re there, press “circle” to use the switch. Going up.
  10. When you both reach the top, make a right and you’ll see an Ammo Transit Supply Terminal, or rather, a shop. Access it by pressing “circle”. From here you earn credits by defeating enemies and use them to purchase upgrades, med-kits or to replenish ammo. There will be upgrades specific to your character and other team members, so keep that in mind.
  11. Also, if you head left from the elevator, there will be a box of ammo.
  12. When you’re finished shopping, head into the corridor with the fuse boxes, then head out the sliding door. Make a left down the staircase, and immediately take cover. Take note of the machine gun enemy on the balcony to the left. Shoot the gas canister next to it to blow it up.
  13. Take care of the remaining enemies in the room, then head for the door with the turquoise lit panel. Move up and the door will slide open. As you head through, you’ll hit a dead end, but the crane should be able to fix it!
  14. Head onto the platform to operate the crane through the already open double doors. Use the left stick to move it left to right, then hold down “R1” to rotate it. You’ll need to create a bridge from the first balcony to the next. Rotate it until it can’t rotate any further and move it to the right until it stops. It should lock into place, so you’ll just need to press “circle” to lower it.
  15. While you are doing this, however, you’ll be attacked. Big Bo can take out the surveillance bot, but you’ll actually need to stop controlling the crane for a second to take out the other enemies shooting at you from a distance, because, during this portion, well, Big Bo sucks. Take out the flying enemies first, then the ones on the platform just a little bit below you.
  16. When the crane has done its job, head through the crate and toward the other side. Enter the room for a bit of break and Big Bo will ask you some questions. When he’s done talking, and you’re done responding, you’ll be able to head through a previously locked door
  17. When you exit, make a right, up the stairs. The door you want to go through will be on your left, but if you make a right up the small flight of stairs, you can pick up an SMG. After picking up the SMG, only if you want to of course, head to the door with the turquoise highlighted panel and get ready for a fight.
  18. Destroy all the enemies you see in this room. Also, behind you, up the winding set of stairs, are some grenades.
  19. As you move forward into the room via the stairs leading down on the left, a new type of enemy will appear. Instead of green, they’ll be red. Apparently, red means, faster, since their strafing speed is a bit hard to keep up with your sights at first. When you take them out, head up the stairs on the left, turn slight right toward the sliding door with the light above it.
  20. There’s a shop in this room, so use it if you need to. There’s also some ammo next to the broken window resting above a panel.
  21. Now if you look through the window, you’ll notice about 6 green enemies and one big one with a huge machine gun. The grunts shouldn’t be too bad, but for the huge robot, take out his knees until he keels over, then shoot him, dead on, in the head. After, when you think the coast is clear, pick up his weapon and take out the enemies being dropped in.
  22. When the coast is really clear, Big Bo will need you to pull one of two levers and pull them together, to open a garage door. Head to the one on the left, still holding the machine I hope, then press “circle” to pull the switch.
  23. The heavy door will open from the bottom. When you head in, red enemies will appear by being dropped in from the other side of the heavy doors. Shoot them as the door closes. You’re now safe.
  24. Boss Fight: Or are you? A Grand Lancer will appear from an elevator. This time, you can’t escape it. Big Bo will be the bait here. There are a ton of med-kits scattered around the level for this fight, so use them when or if necessary.
  25. Take some cover first and Big Bo says you’ll need something to take it out. There’s a crate on the top you can use, just dangling there ready to smash things. Look for the yellow ladder, near where the grand Lancer ascended. Climb it and use the panel.
  26. Use the left analog to position the crate above the Grand Lancer, then press “R1” to stun it. Get off the panel by pressing “X” (yeah, I couldn’t figure it out at first), then pull the lever opposite of where Big Bo is pulling his own lever, to open the next door.
  27. As soon as you’re able, head inside the next room. You’ll notice a huge girder above. Climb up the ladder, turn right and up another ladder, circling the girder. When the grand lancer is in position, press “circle” to use the panel and the grand lancer will be disabled. Next up is a cut-scene.

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