Binary Domain Walkthrough

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Chapter 1: Hit and Run – Toward the Rendezvous

  1. After the cut-scene, the Grand Lancer wasn’t exactly disabled, so you’ll need to jump for it down the slide wall, “Fugitive” style. Navigate your way through by using the left analog to avoid the sides. You’ll also need to hold down “circle” to duck underneath certain platforms, or else you’ll get a really big headache. Toward the end of this slippery sequence, you’ll need to press “circle” to kick yourself through.
  2. When you land, move ahead as you see a battle in the distance. Grab the ammo box on the right hand side, take cover, and take out the enemies up ahead. You might need to move up behind the sandbags to get a better shot.
  3. When they have been terminated, head right along the road. It will be at an upward incline. Take out the enemies that appear, both green and red. When they’re down, head up and grab the upgrade, “Assault: Bulletproof Skin I”.
  4. Now climb over the rubble to the other side. A sniper will be in view. Luckily, there’s a sniper rifle ready for you to use. There’s also a shop you can see on the right hand side. Big Bo will suggest being decoy, so you can counter snipe. It actually works out pretty well, so say yes.
  5. When the snipers have been shot dead, a garage door will open with a new breed of enemies. They’re decked out in a shiny black alloy and pack a shoulder charge. Take them out, then take out the rest. Back up to keep them in front of you, if you need to.
  6. When they’re gone, before you head into the tunnel, enter the room behind the shop to grab some ammo. Also, on the opposite side of the building, relative to the shop, is a SECUR-COM.
  7. Now, head for the tunnel and take out the three enemies occupying this space. One will be behind a forklift. Also, watch out for the enemy to your right on the other side of the road. He seems to hit you even you’re taking cover on the sandbags. When the enemies are down, to your right, is another shop, but now you can buy different guns and explosives. I highly recommend purchasing the EMP grenade.
  8. Keep heading down the tunnel and press the switch to open the gate, which leads back outside in the driving rain. You’ll be bombarded with fire. There will be greens, reds, shiny blacks and shock troopers who carry shields, which can be a bit of a bitch. Remember those EMP grenades I recommended you to buy? Wait for them to cluster, toss it, then blast them to bits.
  9. When they’re gone, it’s time to head out into the rain again, except this time, bring a shield. Use the shield to aggro the machine gunner, so Big Bo can take it out from behind.
  10. When it’s down, head forward and watch the cut-scene. When it’s over, walk with Big Bo through the narrow tunnel created by rubble. Hop over the beam and you’ll see the flashlight using Morse code, indicating the rendezvous point.
  11. But right before you head down to street level again, a wagon carrying a crap ton of enemies speeds down the road and stops, barring your progress. They also brought along some air support. Take out the air first because they are annoying, and toss an EMP if you want. Then take out the heavy machine gunner and the grunts.
  12. Make your way past the robot wagon on the left hand side and a cut-scene will begin, where you’ll meet some new teammates.

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