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Chapter 2: Yearn for Refuge – Meeting Mifune

  1. You’re now with most of your squad as you make your way through the city. As the chapter begins, based on the previous chapter, you can tell that Dan and Charlie don’t really see eye to eye. But with the mission at hand he asks you to pick two squad members to bring along with you.
  2. For the purposes of this walkthrough, I will choose Big Bo, since I’ve been with him from the beginning, and Faye, because I would like a long range threat to compliment the squad. Also, if you played the demo, this section of the game will be very familiar.
  3. When you have your squad set up, move forward and turn right into the building with the blown out wall. Everything is in disarray, with crumbling walls and empty storefronts. Keep heading through the building. If you do have Big Bo with you, he’ll chat you up. You’ll see a shop to the right which you can use, when you exit out of the building.
  4. Before you drop down on the path ahead, look to your left, past the car, and grab the “Auto-Repair I” upgrade on the crate where the tiled sidewalk is located. When you’re ready, jump down.
  5. Up ahead will be a bunch of greens. Use cover immediately. Your team will do the same. Big Bo will ask to blitz the enemies or not. Choose your plan of action. In any case, the enemies will be turned to scrap metal.
  6. As you keep moving forward down this narrow alleyway, move from cover to cover. Eventually you’ll reach a section where a sniper is nested in one of the buildings in the distance, hiding in the shadows. The robot will reveal itself with its laser sight.
  7. To your right is a handy sniper rifle, so grab it and let yourself, or the team, take the sniper out. Also, on your left hand side, there are some wooden stairs that lead up. There’s a SECUR-COM there you can pick up.
  8. Move down the alleyway. An APC bars the way, but you can take the path on the left through the building. Locate the stairs in this building and move up. Two greens will be upstairs. Take them both out.
  9. When you reach the top, look out the window and take some cover on the pillar to your left. Robot air support has arrived. Destroy them. You can also find a LMG on the top floor resting on top of a crate with a blue tarp covering it.
  10. Your team will move down before you. Stay up on the second floor and pick off any stragglers. When you jump down, the coast looks clear, but up ahead, through the fire down the road, a Grand Lancer will make an appearance.
  11. It takes a little while for it to enter your line of sight, so if you have time, the building on the left has some grenades you can grab. The building on the right also had grenades, plus a shop and a rocket launcher.
  12. Take cover when you see the Grand Lancer. When it crosses the pool of water, shoot the wire that’s hanging down above it. It will electrocute the Lancer. From here, take cover again and shoot the parts where its armor was blown away.
  13. Keep shooting until one of your partners, in my case, Faye, suggests, there needs to be something more to take it down. You’ll get word from headquarters that the way to take it down is through the head. Shoot it’s head for a little bit, and Faye will suggest getting up on the roof to jump on it. Get on roof using the building on the right side.
  14. When the Lancer is close enough, press “circle” to jump on it. Use the left stick to maintain balance. When you get a clear shot, hold “L1” to aim, then “R1” to fire point blank on it’s head. It’s a tough robot, so you might need to change clips. If you fall off, you can always get back on the roof and continue where you left off.
  15. When the Grand Lancer is finally down, head to the building on the left hand side, and open the shutters. Head up the stairs on the left, then drop down onto the tiled corridor. There’s a med-kit up ahead if you need it.
  16. Keep following the hallway down. You’ll see a storefront logo for “Thx electronic”. Drop down onto street level and into the alleyway to the left of the “Thx electronic” store. The alleyway turns left. It’s cut-scene time. You’ll see the squad enter the “Bar Rotary” to see Mifune.

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