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Chapter 2: Yearn for Refuge – To the Underground Mall

  1. After the cut-scene, you’ll exit the bar via the backdoor. From here, you’ll talk with HQ, then pick your squad. I’ll go with Big Bo and Faye once again.
  2. Follow the hallway out. You’ll reach a set of stairs that lead up to street level. Up ahead, across the street, there’s a shop you can use.
  3. This area is a bit of a dead end until you find some heavy doors you’ll need to go through. It will be in-between a row of blue and red pipes, right next to the yellow crate. However, you cannot go through it yet.
  4. Big Bo will find a service bot by the gas station that will fill up a crate. As this happens, greens will be dropped in. You’ll need to protect Big Bo as he pushes the crate to the heavy doors. There will be about three waves of troops coming in. Use the explosive canisters scattered about to take them out.
  5. When the enemies are pieces of useless metal, shoot the crate that Big Bo has pushed up against the door, to blow it wide open. Enter the door and into the apocalyptic building. There will be one lone green inside. There are about two paths through the building. One you can use to flank on your left, however, they both lead outside to the same wide open area. Watch the cut-scene, where it feels like things are just too quiet.
  6. A huge spider bot appears, pushing down a billboard near your vicinity. You’ll fire upon it, to no avail. To counter, the spider bot throws down some missiles. It will collapse the building behind you. From here, you’ll need run through the massive falling pieces of heavy debris, while following your squad.
  7. Just keep running. You’ll need to turn right and left before you make your way to the building where your squad has taken refuge. When you see the building, make a mad dash for it and hop over the divider. There will be a little mini game here. Just make sure to press “circle” when the circle hits the blue area and you’re gold. The rubble will close off the street behind you.
  8. Head through to the alleyway, past the green exit sign above, then head into the building where it says “Iris Foods” with a picture of two tomatoes for decoration. Head up the stairs. On the second floor, you can use the shop. When you’re done, keep heading up the stairs.
  9. There will be a window where you can exit with your squad. Head out onto the rooftops and take out the greens standing in your way. Big Bo will suggest that you take the left side, while Big Bo and Faye take the right. I decided to go left.
  10. Use cover provided by the crates covered in blue tarps. Take out the enemies coming down the ramp from the drop-ship. If any enemies are hiding behind tires, you can shoot those down. If you took out the enemies quickly, you can help your teammates who took the right side.
  11. When all the robots are destroyed, head to the left side where the shadow of the building stretches across the rooftop. You can drop onto some scaffolding here. Now make a right and up the ramp. Turn left, making a U-turn, and some sandbags will be in place for you to take cover.
  12. The passageway here through the scaffolding is narrow, so you’ll need to continuously jump over sandbags to get through. There will also be enemies in the distance, so take them out by moving from cover to cover. When you make it past the narrow passage, you’ll enter another building.
  13. There will be some greens here, as well as a heavy machine gunner. Immediately take cover and take them out. When the machine gunner explodes, take his gun, then open the shutter just up ahead.
  14. You’ll immediately see the Spider to your left shooting rockets at you. You’ll need to run across as fast as you can on the balcony. It will collapse eventually.
  15. Boss Fight: When you get on the street, you’ll see an APC on your left with some ammo and a rocket launcher. Aim for the legs of the spider to take it out. However, you will need to search for ammo across the map. There’s ammo in each of four corners. Eventually, there will be flying robots that carry ammo for the rocket launcher, which you can shoot down to replenish yourself.
  16. Always try to keep your distance from the Spider. Watch out for its laser targeting system. To avoid this, just take cover. It will also throw out a lot of missiles, so look for the spots that are targeted on the ground in red, to avoid getting hit by these. You’ll also need to keep an eye on if the Spider decides to get right above you. One hit is okay, but you’ll need to get the heck out of there if you get pinned.
  17. Also, this area is pretty huge. If you head right, you can hide behind some pillars, but the best part about that area is that there are stairs that lead up to a shop, plus there is also a little hiding place you can use get a height advantage. Of course, you’ll need to grab some ammo down on the battlefield, but you can use this place to recuperate.
  18. Right beneath the Spider is the weak spot, but it won’t show it often. This is a fight of endurance here, so try to avoid getting into tough spots. If you take cover around the Spider, avoid the missiles, and use the little hiding spot, while grabbing rocket rounds, it will be a long, sometimes annoying fight, but not too terribly difficult.
  19. When the Spider finally collapses, Faye will notice a shadow through all the smoke. Follow her. She will lead you down some stairs where a cut-scene will begin. You’ll meet a bunch of kids, tough guy, particularly a girl named Yuki, who will lead you to Mifune in the neon lit Shibuya district.
  20. After the cut-scene, you’ll actually be able to talk to your teammates and the locals of Shibuya. You can hear the thoughts of your teammates and agree or disagree with them. If you talk to the man standing next to Rachel, and give him 500 credits he’ll give you a “Trust Enhancement” boost.
  21. When you’re done talking, head up to Yuki. She’ll show you to the door, but if you want, you can use the shop right before you head into the double doors. Get ready for the next cut-scene involving a “Hollow Child”.
  22. When the cut-scene is over, head on over to Yuki again. She’ll ask you two questions. The first is if you want to be her boyfriend and the second is if you’re ready to talk to Mifune. When you’re ready, she’ll open the door that leads downstairs to Mifune. Yuki will then talk to the bodyguard in front of the door with a neon sign that reads “Spiral”.
  23. It’s cut-scene time again as the team meets Mifune in person.

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