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Chapter 2: Yearn for Refuge – Fighting Through to the Subway

  1. When the cut-scene ends, the robot army finds its way to “Spiral”. In order to get to the jet-skis in the subway, you’ll need to fight your way out. Take cover above the staircase and grab some EMP grenades by the couch on your left while you’re at it.
  2. Use the height advantage to take out the greens and surveillance bots hovering ahead. There will also be a heavy machine gunner you need to take care of. When they’re all down, grab the heavy machine gun and follow Yuki outside of the club.
  3. Make a left, into the doors. You’ll see a shock trooper with backup. Throw an EMP in there, since they’re all clustered. Now use that heavy machine gun with reckless abandon. The corridor will turn right. Head down the tiled hallway and turn right down the flight of stairs. Kill the three enemies here, move up, then turn left to enter the ticket gate area.
  4. Take cover on the left side and mow down the large group of greens and black alloys. When they’re junk, move past the gates and follow Yuki down the stairs. She says there’s a trick to opening the door. Unfortunately it’ll take a little bit, and while she opens it, greens will show up at the rear.
  5. Move back up the stairs, take cover, throw out an EMP and let the bullets fly. They will be coming from the elevator, so aim there once the doors open. Support will keep coming, but when Yuki opens the door, head back to her and go through to find the jet-skis. There’s also a shop here you can use.
  6. Before you hop onto the jet-ski, look for the room with a caged fence. You can grab ammo, grenades and a nano upgrade called “Muscle Regeneration I”. After picking up these items, hop onto the jet-ski.
  7. To use the jet-ski, use the left analog to turn, “R2” to speed up and “R1” to reverse. Initially, the beginning isn’t too bad. All you need to do is go straight. Eventually, when you reach the flooded subway system, you’ll be fired upon. Just keep moving straight here.
  8. As you jet forward across the water, you’ll need to maneuver yourself around pillars and under bridges where the robots will drop boxes.
  9. Before you head outside, watch out for the explosive cylinders that look like water storage containers without the stilts. They will slow you down.
  10. When you finally make it outside, watch out for the mines the huge ship above drops. Twist your way around those, the explosive cylinders, and the oncoming fire. Soon you’ll reach a tunnel, where the screen will go slightly white. You and your squad will make a jump and reach a dead end.
  11. Sadly, no more jet-skis. When you dock, climb up the ladder and Faye will talk about how you need to get to the sewage system to make it to the upper city. Move forward and climb down the next ladder.
  12. Boss Fight: When you reach the bottom of the ladder, a flying vehicle, the Iron Raptor emerges. Immediately head left into the double doors and down the stairs. You’ll see a shop you can use. Stay in this little room to stay in cover. There will be a stinger here you need to use to take out the Raptor’s engines.
  13. Just like the Spider fight, the hover robots will drop ammo, although there will be aerial bots as well. Keep in mind that when you lock on with the stinger to target the Raptor, you need to stay on it for a good 3 – 5 seconds, and during that time, the aerial bots will get in your way. Take these guys out first to get a clear shot, or else you’ll be wasting ammo. Alternatively, you can aim the stinger above them, then fire off a rocket, as long as you have a lock on the engines. It takes about two shots to destroy one engine.
  14. If the Raptor is moving, after you fire with the stinger, it doesn’t seem to register a hit, so make sure, it’s staying still. When you see red triangles with exclamation marks in the middle, take cover, because the Raptor is firing missiles.
  15. You can get into some serious fire if you head outside. If you do head outside, make sure it’s safe for you to get the ammo to reload the stinger. There are times when ammo drops right in front of you, but like I said, make your shots count. This is also a pretty good place to up your credit count, since the enemies are constantly on you.
  16. The Iron Raptor will eventually go down in spectacular fashion. Hold “triangle” to see what you accomplished.
  17. Turn right and make your way across a longer bridge. You’ll see Faye and Big Bo up ahead in front of the door to the sewage plant entrance. Watch the cut-scene as you see the rest of your squad meet up with you.

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