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Chapter 2: Yearn for Refuge – To the Upper City

  1. After the door is blown open, choose your squad (Big Bo and Faye for me) and continue inside the sewage system. Follow the corridor down. You’ll head up a small flight of stairs and into the murky waters of the sewage tunnels.
  2. Follow the tunnel as it winds its way to a gate. You will be continuously attacked by red, explosive spider bots here, so stick close with your team and move up as you take them out.
  3. When you see the pipes ahead, there will be a ladder you can take up on your right, but watch out for brown sewage bots, who seem more feral than most.
  4. Head up the ladder, turn right, then make a left. You’ll see a turquoise glowing panel. Press the switch. You’ll open the door and enter a huge cylindrical room. Sewage bots will attack you here. Take care of them.
  5. There will also be green bots that emerge from a door on another platform. Take them out. Now drop down the platform and hop onto the platform the greens used to be occupying, by climbing the ladder, after traversing the sludge. Head into the doorway with the red pillars on the sides.
  6. You’ll see a door ahead, but before you go that way, check out the shop on your immediate left. When you’re done, head for the door. It will slide open. Now head up the ramp and a cut-scene will start.
  7. During the cut-scene you’ll find out that Charlie and Rachael are in trouble. You tell Faye and Big Bo to head up the elevator. Now go back down the way you came and head into the sliding doors. Take cover by the box and take out the greens.
  8. Move up and head left, up the ladder. You’ll be in a corridor with a shiny green floor, that turns right. Take cover and take out the enemies. When you reach the end of the corridor you’ll reach a room with flashing red lights. Take out the enemies in this room, grab some ammo and a med-kit, then head into the door with the turquoise panel.
  9. You’ll reach the cylindrical room again. Head left, take cover and take out the enemies in front of you, on your level and up in the balcony. When they’re gone, head up the ladder, then take care of a pair of explosive spiders.
  10. Keep winding your way up as fast as you can. You’ll reach some stairs. Take out the greens and use the charging station. Use your burst shot to take out the canisters, then take the ladder up ahead.
  11. Take out the shock trooper outside of the room and then the enemies inside the room. Head into the room panel room, then operate the valve to drain the sewage water.
  12. Now that you’ve saved your team members, head back down the way you came, but with a little detour. You’ll need to drop to the platform with the red pillars. After some chatting, the doors will open.
  13. Move ahead, past the sliding doors and onto the elevator going up. Press the switch when you get to the elevator.
  14. Of course, there’s trouble ahead. Up above the spinning fan jolts out of place and a slew of sewage bots drop in droves. Take them out as they come up the ramp. They can easily be killed using your melee, but you’ll need to time it, so you don’t throw yourself off balance and get swarmed.
  15. Just keep fighting and the elevator will arrive and the next cut-scene begins. As you make your way up, Rachael is grappled by the sewage bots. As the elevator heads up, Charlie has her hand, but you need to shoot off the robots using the pistol.
  16. Try to get some headshots to save ammo, but don’t forget you can also shoot them as they climb on the walls, so there will less clinging onto Rachael. When you’ve killed all of them, Rachel will be saved.

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