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Chapter 3: Bad Ground (Part 1 – The French Rust Crew)

  1. Welcome to the Upper City. It’s a lot different than the sewers isn’t it? Nice and swanky. At this point, you have to wait for the arrival of the French contact, so talk to your team members while you wait. There’s also a shop near Big Bo if you would like to purchase gear or upgrades.
  2. After talking with everyone on the team, Charlie will come up and ask if the team should wait for the French Rust Crew. You can stay put, to finish up some business, but to continue, you’ll need to reply that you want to move out. A cut-scene will begin where all the citizen’s phones get wacky. You’ll also see the French team being chased by the police. Apparently they also don’t understand what covert means.
  3. You’ll be in control of Dan after the cut-scene. The entire squad is with you, but you’ll just need to go down the steps that lead to the freeway. You’ll meet the French team there. They’ll pick you up. You will also find out that one of the French Rust Crew members is a robot, a combat model named Cain.
  4. During the cut-scene, Dan will open the roof, then when it ends, it’s your job to shoot at the police chasing the team. They will be in front and behind. After a short period of time, another cut-scene will occur. When you get in control again, the hover bots will appear. Take out the air support as Cain drives.
  5. If you need to reload, you will have to get out of cover, so time your reloads when there aren’t too many bullets coming at you. During this sequence you will also hit a few roadblocks, but it’s nothing that Cain can’t handle.
  6. When you reach the tunnel. You’ll be facing the hoverbots, plus black vehicles that look like a streamlined tumbler from the recent Nolan Batman movies. It’s best to take these guys out when they are close, so you know for sure you can hit them. You’ll hit about two waves of these enemies as Cain speeds down the tunnel.
  7. Soon enough you will see the police again, which begins the next cut-scene. During this scene, you’ll get to know a Japanese agent.
  8. With the Japanese agent tailing you, you’ll pop out of the vehicle once more. The only problem is, the enemies you see up ahead have grenade launchers, pretty much not giving you an opportunity to fire, so stay in cover here.
  9. With no fire support, Cain decides to take another route, on a road below the one you’re currently on. It’s going to be a bit of a drop. You’ll make the jump, but unfortunately the road Cain took contains a mobile gun in the distance. Oh crap.
  10. The mobile gun will fire and send the van careening to the side of the road. One of the French Rust members will not make it, but fortunately Cain will, showing off his stuff. Soon, a large contingent of enemy forces will appear.
  11. Charlie decides that the team needs to split up, so choose your team members that you want here. I’ll choose Faye and the new guy Cain in this instance.
  12. The mobile gun in the back will be firing missiles, so it’s best to stay behind the armored vehicle. Take out the initial enemy troops. When they’re gone, another group will arrive on the opposite side of the tunnel, opposite of where the mobile gun is. Take these guys out.
  13. Eventually you’ll get an order to rendezvous with the advance team. If you look at the wall, behind that armored vehicle, there’s a door you can enter with a turquoise panel. Press the switch to open the door, and run down the stairs.
  14. When you reach the bottom, head left and through the mall’s corridor. Keep following the corridor and warning walls will ascend from the floors forcing you down a path. Make a right up the stairs, then a right again down the hallway. Enemies will be here, so take cover.
  15. The path will turn slight left. Take cover behind the bamboo and hug the sides as you make your way ahead. As you move forward, there’s a path on the right side, where a med-kit is located, down some stairs.
  16. Keep following the path and you’ll be led up a flight of stairs on the right. Take cover behind the advertising sign and shoot the enemies on top of the stairs. When they’re gone, head up the stairs, then make a right. This path will turn slight right. You’ll see the shop up ahead, but before you head there, grab the ammo on the red couch in the middle of the walk way.
  17. Keep moving forward. On the right will be a bridge with a fountain you can see in the distance. Faye will notice an incoming transport. It will drop a new kind of enemy. It looks to be another type of spider bot, but white and much larger. Keep them on the other side of the bridge. If they come across, it’s a good choke point. They’ll go down in no time.
  18. When they are done for, cross the bridge toward the fountain. It’s a circular plaza. Hang a left to grab some ammo, and keep moving forward until you see another bridge. Take cover and take out the snipers and a heavy machine gunner in the distance.
  19. When they’re scrap metal, you’ll be able to see a sliding door in the distance, but not before one final group of enemies approach. Take cover behind the potted bamboo and wipe them out. Head to the door on the left.
  20. Turn right, and immediately take cover. A heavy machine gunner and some grunts are there. Nothing you can’t handle now.
  21. When you reach the end of the hallway, head inside the door on the left, then follow the yellow line on the floor. It leads to the elevator. When you’re riding the elevator up, Charlie says that you need to get on the rooftop.

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