Posted on October 12, 2007,

Bioshock Activation Revoke Tool

Bioshock Gimme

Afraid to reinstall your PC retail copy of Bioshock because of its current 5 activation limit? Have no fear, revoking utility is here. Gimme back my token!

Q: What is the BioShock Revoke Tool?

A: The BioShock Revoke Tool will de-activate the current license on the computer contact the activation server to free up the activation, for future use.

You can download the Bioshock Revoke Tool as well as user instructions in a nice PDF format via link below.

Via Cult Of Rapture.

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4 Comments on Bioshock Activation Revoke Tool

Phil Migrowen

On October 13, 2007 at 6:07 am

Thank you Take 2 and Irrational for spending two months on this now worthless piece of crap. Bioshock has now been cracked so no one really needs this ty tool including your customers who naively spent fifty of their hard-earned dollars on your game only for you to spit in their faces with your draconian DRM scheme that sometimes prevents them from playing the game they bought.

Instead you should have spent the past two months working on something your customers really need like an update to the game which adds proper wide-screen support and a user-controllable FOV setting along with Shader Model 2.0 support, and some bug fixes. The update should also remove the damn activation requirement which now only prevents paying customers who aren’t savvy enough to download a circumvention patch from playing the game. All of the freeloaders who want it have already downloaded Bioshock so there’s no need to lock the barn door now.


On October 14, 2007 at 10:55 am

I hate people who hack good games.


On December 28, 2007 at 9:09 pm

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On December 31, 2007 at 5:19 pm

People Pay for GOOD games. Developers who put out games
that take up $200.00 of our time to install should be well
aware that their game will be cracked by someone just so
people can use it ! Get it right the first time and get
your frickin money. Screw it up and you get what you pushed
out the door in a hurry in return.

We’ve been “screwed” more times buying crappy software thats
NOT returnable than we have by any car dealer, Bioshock included.

It seems Car salesmen have a better reputation than Game producers.

At least we can return a bad car, and believe it, theres much
more spent on developing a car. Software game producers need to
wake up and quit whining about piracy when its the lack of
quality that is driving the cracking people. Then it’s game
over ! you’re fault.

It took the Bioshock boys a MONTH to reinitialize my activation
after several failed installs. These jerks make ME feel like a criminal
for BUYING THE DAM GAME by never responding!

I’ve been staring at the box wondering when I will have time to search for repair utilities so that I don’t have to wait ANOTHER month to get my VALID key reinstated. Now I’m afraid to install the stupid game as my 5 trys might again
run out ! They already have my money and won’t give it back.

Dont give us that hack good games crap.