BioShock Confirmed for the PS3


It had to happen sooner or later, what with all the rumors flying around. Apparently, the next issue of the UK magazine, PSM3, has a cover story announcing the acclaimed FPS BioShock will be making its way to the PS3 soon. Normally, I’d relegate this as rumor until an official announcement was made or the magazine was actually on news stands, but this news comes from CVG who is directly affiliated with the magazine; and I’d call that the next best thing to an announcement from the publisher. Plus there’s another European magazine running a similar story it seems. Sadly, there are no new details about the PS3 version at this time, but hopefully they’ll add a few extras for this version. At the very least, you can probably expect enhanced graphics.


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4 Comments on BioShock Confirmed for the PS3

plz die

On May 22, 2008 at 12:49 pm

I always thought that it was already available for ps3 :neutral:

Splitscreen Bioshock for PS3 Plz

On May 22, 2008 at 2:34 pm

PS3 Bioshock allow for splitscreen, so I can rebuy it? Plz.


I already beat Bioshock, and as beautiful a game as it is, it had limited replay

I so badly wanted it to have local multiplayer (splitscreen) both coop and versus.

Game devs sell a crap ton of games because so and so had their game at a certain party and multiple people took turns playing it against each other.

Do you think games like Goldeneye, Smash Bros, Tekken or even Halo and COD4 would have sold even half the copies they did if it wasn’t for gamers being exposed to these games at a party they were at?

Goldeneye as I recall had many average to crap reviews when it first came out. One magazine even gave it a 4 out of 10!

It sold because people played it at their friends house and realized just how much fun it was. And I bet Goldeneye and Smash Bros sold tons of N64s too, just as Tekken and Twisted Metal sold a ton of PS1s

I have a powerful PC. Most next gen console gamers do.

We just don’t enjoy gaming on it. We much prefer playing with our friends and family.

I grew up on games like Street Fighter, Tekken, Twisted Metal, Goldeneye, Smash Bros, Soul Caliber, Halo, Madden, Gears and COD4.

Note how all of those games are multiplayer games popularly played at parties with friends.

We party gamers also enjoy solid single player games like GTA at parties but really enjoy them because with a group of people, even if we have to take turns, we can laugh at all the cop we blow up and cars we jack and crap like that.

Mark my words, split screen Bioshock has the potential to be huge at parties. Nothing more fun than watch two players you know bash each other with a plasmids, or work together.

Local multiplayer is FUN. It’s why games like Goldeneye, Tekken, Halo One, Smash Bros and many others became such massive massive hits. All four of those games would have been worthless without local multiplayer.

Many people discovered those games at a random party at their friends place. Many of them including I weren’t even gamers at the time. But when they saw how much fun it was, they bought the n64 and goldeneye as well.

“Consoles are about fun with your friends next to you, not being on your own.”

Now with hdtvs everywhere, if 2K makes this game splitscreen capable, it will be my and so many others dream come true.

In all honesty, back when I was in college when I had a roommate, I couldn’t count up the number of games that we bought that we otherwise wouldn’t have just because we could play through them together, or against each other, at the same time as we are hanging out.

And I can’t count the number of games that we decided to pass on a game we were both interested in because we knew we would have to take turns playing it.

The same is true now with me and my brother. And the same is true for lots of people who have best friends that they hang out with all the time and want to play through games with together as they are hanging out.

These are situations that apply to millions of people.

This is why I am convinced that splitscreen support for this game would give this game a huge boost in sales among the console gaming community.

Especially when considering the huge number of quality FPS games scheduled to come out on console within the next year and a half, very few of which offer this very valuable feature.

Co-op is a massive massive advantage to have over other games. The fact is, no body has two PS3s or two 360s in the same house, and very few people would willingly bring over their console over as well as an additional tv to play co-op with their friend while they are hanging out.

There are tons of FPSs and other games that people buy over others just because they support splitscreen co-op. Thats why more and more gaming companies are incorporating that feature into games.

When you split a widescreen hdtv in half vertically, you get about the same proportions as a computer monitor so it would work very well.

Having your friend actually beside you is so much better than having to play with them over online. Please enable split screen on the same console/tv for two players.

I would love to play with my bro by my side on my PS3 and my 50 inch 1080p plasma tv.

I would love to play against him too, even if we can see what each other is doing, it’s not that big a deal. So if you could enable both coop and versus play for two people on the same tv, it would be fantastic.


On May 22, 2008 at 3:48 pm

Bioshock was fantastic but had zero replay value unfortunately. Its nice to know that this probably means the sequel will be on the PS3 as well.


On May 22, 2008 at 8:27 pm

Wow…The comments section is like 5x the length of the article. And there’s only 3 comments…