Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea – 1998 Mode Tips & Tricks

After completing Burial at Sea, the two-part DLC expansion to Bioshock Infinite, you’ll have one final challenge to complete — 1998 Mode. This additional difficulty changes the game and tasks Elizabeth with sneaking through Rapture without the aid of lethal firearms.

Partially inspired by Thief, you’ll need to knock splicers out and use Tranquilizer darts with only a few handy plasmids. Some of the best upgrades are hidden throughout Fontaine’s Department Store, and they’ll make sneaking much easier. Check out the tips below to find locations and other tricks to make this tough mode a cinch.

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1998 Mode Tips & Tricks

Note: Know something we don’t about 1998 mode? Drop a comment and school us on Burial at Sea’s ultimate challenge.

How to Activate:

Input the Konami Code in the Main Menu: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B [PS3: Circle], A [PS3: X]

Tips & Tricks

In 1998 Mode, you’ll be challenged to complete Burial at Sea Part 2 with only nonlethal weapons and powers. That means you’ll be limited to Tranquilizer Darts, melee knockouts, and the Peeping Tom plasmid.

Sneaking is the name of the game. Be patient, and quickly collect the Peeping Tom plasmid and its mods. Check below for locations.

  • Peeping Tom Plasmid: Grab this in the locked Employee Only rooms at the back of Cupid’s Arrow. Find the store just after leaving Ryan the Lion Preparatory Academy.
  • Peeping Tom Mod #1: Allows you to see enemies through walls at no Eve cost while standing still. Once you enter the Bathysphere showroom area, break into the Service Bay offices [5 lockpicks required] and enter the locker room in the lower floor. There’s a small office adjacent with the mod.
  • Peeping Tom Mod #2: Allows you to stay invisible while standing still at no Eve cost. Grab this in the Manta Ray Lounge, behind the locked door in the lower left corner of the huge open area.

Enemies will instantly lose you if you turn invisible. Hide, wait for them to turn around, then melee to handle any situation.

Collect money and make note of vendor locations. Tranquilizer Darts and lockpicks are the most valuable items in Burial at Sea Part 2 — especially lockpicks. Buy up as many as you can to avoid excessive scavenging.

To deal with tough Houdini Splicers, cloak and go for a Tranquilizer Dart headshot. A body shot will leave them stunned — move in and hit them with a melee attack to knock them out.

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Blue Sonnet

On July 1, 2014 at 12:43 am

If you’ve got a lot of enemies in one room, fire a noisemaker dart, then watch them gather using Peeping Tom – once you’ve got enough of them together, fire a gas dart to take out as many as you can in one go… This is really useful near Fink’s statue – just make sure that you’re either up in the rafters or close to the big doors as anyone left over will be alert and looking for you…